Muscle Pain

I feel fine when I am lying or sitting down, and fine when I am standing…but its those moments inbetween that are proving quite painful. Going to the toilet is the worst, I might have to conscider wearing a nappy for the next few days until the pain subsides.

I of course say all of this with a smug feeling, knowing that I should be incredibly proud of yesterdays efforts. I was informed last night that my time was 1 hour 18 and not the 1 hour 30 I thought it was, and considering I didn’t do any training and was somewhat put off by the 299 runners who sped off ahead of me in the first 60 seconds.

1 hour 18 is a good time for me, its probably quite close to a PB…if only I had recorded all of my times somewhere.

I really am hoping that this blog motivates me to run more. I don’t have a problem with running per say, its just running often enough to see real improvements that is my problem. Mind you I say this after every race I enter, and then life just gets in the way.

I don’t think I have ever trained properly, and bearing in mind I have done numerous 10Ks, a half marathon, a 20K and check this a 26.3K Kilomarathon from Derby to Nottingham I guess that ain’t bad going, but its also not good going either, I dread to think about the strain I am putting my body through.

I never feel like a proper runner, I’m just this fat bird who shuffles around race courses to pick up a medal.

I will write a bit more over the next few weeks about some of these races, as they all have something or other that went well or not, and it will be good to have a record of them somewhere!!

No running today…but will cycle up to a meeting I have in central London…got to keep the fitness up. This weight isn’t gonna shift itself is it?

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