The Great Outdoors

I must have very sweet tasting blood you know as I have been bitten to pieces. So much for exercise being good for you, I’ve probably lost half a stone tonight and thats just through rapid blood loss.

I have in fact been at BMF tonight, and for those of you not in the know that stands for British Military Fitness AKA exercise outdoors in a group wearing a slightly too tight vest with a number on it and getting shouted at by a man in an army uniform who has never had an ounce of fat on his body, and doesn’t understand the words “But I can’t”

I have been doing BMF on and off for about 3 years. I get right in to it and then I just get too busy with work and miss loads and as with all my attempts at getting fit I just don’t do it often enough to see any changes.

Tonight’s class was good though. It’s a relatively new class over Wanstead Flats which is on my way home from work which is handy. The group is small in comparison to the one in Vicky Park, and there is a good sociable element to it, hence the post class trip to the nearest pub. I had a soda water and lime you will be glad to know.

We did loads of running…which is good hey? and Burpies and Squat Thrusts that are not so good. But to be honest I’m just glad I managed to turn up, and thankfukl that the pain in my quads has subsided. Well until tomorrow that is.

I’m going to a friends for the weekend and know i wont be doing any exercise…perhaps a bit of dancing round my handbag and the old bicep curl, a girls got to keep her drinking arm in good condition after all.

Training will continue next week when I get back. I have just signed up for a 10K in Enfield. Lets see if I can make it round a little quicker and not finish last this time.

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