Am I doing this right?

So clearly this is my first attempt at writing an online blog and I most definitely do not know what I am doing.

Here’s a question for you

Is a blog a blog if nobody knows it’s there?

Anyway, even if I never get a single person subscribing to my blog I will continue to write it, in the hope that just writing the damn thing will keep me motivated.

Sundays race is starting to concern me a bit now, I’ve done very little exercise in preparation for the run…and have been eating really bad too. Note to self…must start taking this thing more seriously

4 Responses to “Am I doing this right?”
  1. Machin says:

    well I read it and am subscribed, it also features on my blog in my reading list because I love reading it 🙂 so to answer your question yes you are!

  2. Machin says:

    Just keep writing as you do, you style is great, i don’t follow many blogs they have to really stand out for me to want to read them and yours does, i understand your struggles, ok i have never had a baby, being a bloke took care of that but, i have other struggles that i had to deal with

    I missed your blog while you wre away becoming a mum!

  3. Stacey says:

    I’m following you too and I missed it while you were away. Keep going – it is VERY entertaining!

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