Am I doing this right?

So clearly this is my first attempt at writing an online blog and I most definitely do not know what I am doing.

Here’s a question for you

Is a blog a blog if nobody knows it’s there?

Anyway, even if I never get a single person subscribing to my blog I will continue to write it, in the hope that just writing the damn thing will keep me motivated.

Sundays race is starting to concern me a bit now, I’ve done very little exercise in preparation for the run…and have been eating really bad too. Note to self…must start taking this thing more seriously

7 Responses to “Am I doing this right?”
  1. jogblog says:

    I’m going to follow your blog, keep going!

    I started my blog to track my progress and give me motivation. Over four years later, it’s still going (when I can be bothered to write it…).

  2. Millsy says:

    I am following ya honey. I like to read other peoples business…lol

  3. Dan Clough says:

    Keep it up! I’m in the same boat. Don’t think it matters if nobody reads. It’s more for you and your friends really I think. That’s how I console myself after getting excited about 35 hits when I actually post something 🙂

    See you at a race when I venture south sometime!


  4. nickrunner says:

    Hi Julie,
    You’ve got another subscriber!
    I’ve also started a blog at the end of October to help to keep me motivated with the running.
    And may I add that it is a pleasure to stumble across the blog of another runner who has more or less the same approach to eating, drinking and running.
    Good luck with the blogging and the running!

  5. sweatybetty2011 says:

    I’ll follow you too!!


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