To give or not to give

Entering races is quite addictive I’ve found, but it sure as hell ain’t cheap, come to think about it, it ain’t even straight forward anymore.

I have done maybe 20 odd organised events of some sort, and I have only ever fund raised for one… The London Triathlon. Reason being I wasn’t sure if I could complete it, so by raising money it also raised the profile of me actually doing it too. I raised just over £800 for Macmillan.

I haven’t fundraised since

A. Cos I am lazy
B. Cos I don’t want my friends to start avoiding me
C. Cos I am not passionate about any one cause
D. Cos I am not completely comfortable with the ethics of some charities and the way race money/places are used.

Anyway rant over.

I have however decided to raise some money as part of my Run to the Beat race next weekend, simply cos it was the only way to secure a place.

But with 5 days to go my just giving page is still very much unused. I mentioned it to my boss this morning who actively encouraged me to let the whole department know about my run, so maybe I will try a mass email and just see what happens.

What do other runners think? Is it ok not to give?

5 Responses to “To give or not to give”
  1. I totally know what you’re talking about with race money being spend “unwisely”. That’s why I don’t give money anymore to charities, because (at least here in the US) up to 70% can be spend on “administration”. That totally sucks to think about really. I think a group that raises money with a race or fundraiser should put as much as possible towards the cause. Anything else is just… GREED!

    Justin Kunst, Weight Loss Coach

  2. jogblog says:

    I don’t fundraise for races. I’m doing the races for me, not for charity. But if you’ve promised the charity that you’ll raise money for them, then I think you should.

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