Who needs the Gym?

After my session with the kettlebells yesterday, I woke up with almighty pains in my maximus glutemous…AKA my bum!!! So I decided to not go to BMF this morning, which might also have had something to do with the amount of rain we had yesterday and the fact I didn’t quite fancy rolling around in the mud. However I was adamant that I would still do some exercise and I wondered if perhaps I should go to the gym, and do some cardio and some weights.

But I am going out with my brothers and sisters later for a little drinky poo, and have a whole heap of stuff I want to do in preparation for my big night out. You know hairdressers, hairy bits, manicure…the usual stuff. So I decided that rather than talking myself out of it, I would just don my running kit and go for a run. Well the blog is called “The fat girls guide to running” after all.

So I started off thinking I would do a quick 20 minutes and get home, but actually the first 10 minutes were easy peasy, so I decided to change my route to extend it a bit before heading home and I stumbled across a perfect spot for upping the ante with my training.

This will be a major walkway into the 2012 Stadium

Basically it was just a flight of stairs and a bench, but it was in an ideal location, private and quiet…but yet not desolate. So there I was doing multiple runs up the stairs, going up sideways…I even did a flight of double leg jumps all the way to the top. and I did a few sets of bicep dips on the bench – My bootcamp instructors would be so proud.

Great for your quads& glutes
So versatile...can also just have a rest if needs be

I had a blast, and the great things is its made me realise that there are probably loads of places like this near where we live, we just need to get out there and find them. The fact that I live so close to where the Olympic Park is being built also means that things are changing all the time which keeps things fresh.

So I’m gonna try and do that little routine again. It only took me about 35 minutes, but I really felt like I got a good work out, I was dripping with sweat by the time I got home after my 10 minute sprint back and I know I could push it further in the future. Perhaps next time I will take a back pack with some weights and do some circuits in the park which was adjacent to the stairs.

My next venue for circuits

So…Fatty is back in action!!!

5 Responses to “Who needs the Gym?”
  1. jaymcneill says:

    Well done you

  2. lornpearson says:

    great effort…! keep it up!

  3. bearsfitness says:

    Awesome its good to see people using there resources as a PT I would recommend people to stay away from the gym as they will often feel under pressure to look a certain way e.g. men to be muscular and so on… I would recommend doing 5 times up and down the stairs in your home and do that 3 times a day you will burn fat considerably quick as your metabolism will be through the ceiling!

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