Posh nosh and Canadian charm

I thought I was being so clever today. 

As part of my job I had been invited to the Canadian High Commission for a lunch time seminar to find out about how things worked for the 2010 Vancouver games. Actually my boss had been invited, couldn’t go so I went in his place.

Anyway, I hate lunch meetings, and conferences where you have to eat and network simultaneously because generally

1. It’s difficult to calorie count at such events
2. It’s easy to over eat if it’s a buffet
3. It’s tempting to hide yourself away and eat rather than talk to anyone mid mouthfull
4. It’s easy to get a bit worried when you see a large queue for the food – what if they run out?

So I decided to save all this hassle, I would eat before I left (who cares if that meant eating pasta at 11.20am) I knew I had another appointment to get to later in the day so it made perfect sense, and that way I could just concentrate on networking.

However i turned up to find the event was in fact a three course sit down meal in a very glamorous  embassy building. Great. So there I was picking at this very well presented meal, and kicking myself for eating before I came.

Who ever said “those that fail to plan, plan to fail” was clearly very misguided.

Not the best way to start the week hey? Salad leaves for dinner tonight one thinks!!! 

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