Hypnosis…does it work?

Here is the blog I wrote the day I went for hypnosis….. And as far as I can tell it’s working.

I have always been interested in the subconscious and how the mind works generally, and secretly wondered if it might be the key for me in terms of my weight loss and issues with food. But I must also admit I am generally quite dubious of all these new NLP folks popping up all over the place making all kind of claims, and hypnosis too, I never really knew if I fully believed that it was possible. I was open to being wrong on this though.

So when a friend said that she had got rid of her life long addiction to chocolate through a session with a hypnotist and then another friend who saw the same practitioner all of a sudden managed to lose all her anger towards her recently divorced husband I thought that maybe there was something in it.

So I made contact with this guy everyone was recommending and booked a two hour session.  I figured that I kinda know how to exercise and I know how to eat well, but both of these things are so tied up with my subconscious and the emotions I have to do with both…that perhaps this was the missing link.

So I made my way to Hampshire where he is based, arriving far too early. So I decided to walk from the station rather than get a taxi as he had suggested. My iPhone was telling me it was a 53minute walk, but a 9 minute car journey. I had 45minutes to play with…and I made it just in time.

Gary has a home gym in his garage, fully kitted out. He is a professional boxer and personal trainer as well as a hypnotherapist. He put me at ease as soon as I got there, and before he had even made a cup of tea or asked me about my issues, he performed a trick with his “magic pen” which saw me lose about 18 years of bad feeling about my childhood – all by asking is there any issue you would like to get rid of from your past, anything you are angry or upset about that you don’t want to keep anymore…oh and then some following the pentop with my eyes for a bit. I know it sounds a bit hard to believe but it’s true (almost a month later I still feel that the particular issue is no longer an issue)

He left to make a cup, leaving me stunned at my inability to locate that horrible feeling of rejection and hurt that I’ve been carrying around for so long. Upon his return we spent the next hour or so talking about my problems, well I talked, he listened, and then he pulled me up on specific things I said like “my passing out on the tube” episodes and “my impatience in queues”, he did some simple visualisation exercises, nothing too hocus pocus…and I couldn’t wait to see if they worked.

I spoke about all sorts of things, where my weight problems first started, what stops me from reaching my goals, the impact of my job on my exercise routine (or lack of). It felt great just talking about it all.

He asked me what my worst food addiction was, to which I replied with a smile “crisps…well Doritos to be precise” apparently they are a guilty pleasure of his too. He talked me through how I felt before, during and after consuming my family sized bag of chilli heatwave Doritos. Which FYI normally results in me overeating and then feeling physically and emotionally sick, and riddled with guilt. He then led me through an exercise that literally had me able to taste the after effects of eating this calorific snack, and I had to stop myself from being sick. Honestly if i had continued with the visualisation i would have been sick. I am hoping that this alone will have an effect on my waistline.

The last half hour or so of the session was where the fun really began. He took me into a deep trance and then a state of hypnosis…how did I know that this was for real and not just me thinking I was in this mind altering state? Well because at one point he asked me to open my eyelids, and I was unable to, and secondly he got me laughing at something, and even though I didn’t want to laugh, I couldn’t stop myself, and I mean every time he clicked his fingers I laughed hysterically… I must have looked like a right fool.

He tapped into my subconscious and led me through visualisations about my old self and my new self, telling me about the new habits I had formed and how happy I now would be, and the goals I would be able to achieve. He helped me to visualise how I would look at size 12/14 something I have never been able to do, and I could see how people viewed me, and how I viewed them. It was phenomenal.

Now don’t get me wrong, only time will tell if this has any lasting effect, but just the visualisations alone will be helpful for me in terms of setting goals and keeping motivated to achieve them.

I’m now on a train on my way home, writing this blog so that I capture the moment. I’m not sure yet if I will post this yet. I may wait to see if there is indeed any lasting effect.

What I do know is that on my journey back home I waited for 45 for a taxi to the station, without a sign of any impatience or control issues, I got onto a packed tube train with absolutely no fear of feeling claustrophobic or passing out, and most importantly it is 8.30pm now and I have not once (ok I have now) thought about food. Normally by this time of the night i would be feeling really anxious about having not eaten yet, or not knowing when I was going to eat next.

Watch this space…

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