Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Well it goes without saying that exercising in the snow is near on impossible, and when it is this cold all you want to do is stay at home and wrap up warm with mugs of hot chocolate and biscuits to keep you company. My cycling in to work has come to a standstill, I cancelled my subscription to BMF and the kettlebells haven’t seen the light of day for almost 2 weeks. Hmmm?

I have to address this now, otherwise Xmas will have come and go and I would have put on a whole heap of weight and lost my fitness…back to square one again hey.

My eating has been a bit excesive the last week too, nothing major but the odd biscuit, slice of apple pie, peach muffin may have passed my lips, quite often accompanied by a hot drink. So thats a new habit I must move away from.

I’m also starting to get into the xmas spirit, I have all the ingrediants for my xmas cake which I am going to attempt this afternoon and have all sorts of scrummy plans for the festive period. I’m going to my boyfriends mums for xmas dinner, so thats one less thing to worry about…I just wish this bloody snow would clear up as I had my heart set on a xmas run.

Mind you top on my xmas pressie list for the other half is a wi fit, and also the “Just Dance” game which I am sure will keep me active.

I’m off to pick up some last minute pressies now, I am gonna try and cycle to my destination and back and will try and fit in a kettlebell session whilst my cake is in the oven…wish me luck.

2 Responses to “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”
  1. jaymcneill says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the food, I’ve been relaxed with my eating too, but its Xmas. We’ve git rain here today so we’re thawing quickly.

    • fattymustrun says:

      There’s relaxed, and relaxed…if I carry on eating cake like I have the last few days I’ll turn in to one…I wouldn’t mind but I don’t even like cake…Much!!!!

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