Roll on tomorrow

I know i have been a bit rubbish recently on my blog, with very few entries since xmas, but let me give you a recap on whats been going on.

Done 2 10K runs both in crap times
Started the gym – love doing body pump
Cycling to work as often as possible
But been eating crap

Hence the weight gain and general lack of motivation. Now there are some other factors to take in to consideration too like work pressures, some difficult personal circumstances etc…but anyway my route to the perfect body has been somewhat halted.

However I am writing this from a hotel room, on the last night of a bootcamp…so things are back on track, right?

Well not really, it has been the hardest 5 days ever. I arrived on Sunday afternoon after a horrific 3 hour journey in my N reg Corsa that felt like it was going to take off every time I went over 62 miles per hour, and I have kinda been regretting coming here ever since.

Now dont get me wrong the Bootcamp itself is absoultely amazing (bootcamp beach in bournemouth, look it up) its just me, I have found it so hard to motivate myself and to switch off from everything thats going on back home.

Also, this is bootcamp number 6, yes you heard right 6!!! I have done 6 bootcamps in just over 3 years and I swear this will be my very last. The thing is they do work. They are a great kick up the backside and a great way to learn about what you can achieve with exercise and a sensible diet…however, I cannot be doing a bootcamp every 6 months cos I have fallen off the wagon.

So I have decided that regardless of my results tomorrow, I am going to use this bootcamp as the motivation to stay away from the damn things for the immediate future. I have all the tools I need to get myself in shape…I just need to get on an do it.

And I have a plan for that too….I am going to run in the 2012 London Marathon…now what do you think of that?

2 Responses to “Roll on tomorrow”
  1. jaymcneill says:

    Good luck, glad you’re back

  2. christine says:

    i can understand the lack of motivation completely, but if it takes a bootcamp (that you enjoy) every 6 months to get you going, why not?

    keep up the hard work!

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