I love my running club

I have been running on and (mostly) off since 2005…but never have I felt more like a runner.

With my London Marathon fast approaching I decided I need to take drastic measures, I signed up to my local running club…the East London Runners!!!! And I have fallen in love!!

I have taken part in a grand total of 3 club runs and I already feel like a valued member of the club.

My first run (which was actually last year when I came to see what the club was like) didn’t go to plan, I got lost in a park took the wrong turning and ended up back at Wanstead Leisure Centre (the clubs home) whilst the rest of the runners were still out there!!! I admitted my mistake straight off, as it was obvious I wasn’t likely to beat some of the clubs best runners!!

3 weeks ago I plucked up the courage to go back, and this run was far more successful even though I was at the back the whole way, along with a fellow runner training for his first “London”, which gave me some comfort. I think we must have got back a good half hour after everyone else…but hey I completed the course.

But it was last Wednesday’s run which sealed the deal for me.

Actually it was last Sunday. Let me explain, a lovely lady called Sarah advertised on the ELR popular Facebook page that she had a place on the Roding Valley Half which she didn’t need, only problem was the Central Line was down so getting there would be tough, but nope Don (another ELR) stepped in and offered me a lift. So there it was I would be doing my first half of 2012.

We arrived at Ashtons Running Track in Woodford and was joined by about 40 or so ELRs, including Sarah who had come down to cheer on everyone, and Jim who had brought down club T-Shirts and Vests to purchase, and Frank the chairman there to take photos… So in my Red vest, standing on the running track it suddenly hit me…I would be representing the club…no pressure then.

The run was so tough, 2 and a bit laps of East London/Essex suburbs/countryside, 13 hills in 13miles I heard someone say, and it was a sunny Sunday morning too. It was tough!!! I was determined to run the whole way…if I could.

I was lapped at least 2 miles before the start of my second lap by the faster runners, including 1 guy who was in position 6 or 7 and travelling at speed, he turned to me clapped his hands and shouted “go on east london runner”…in fact all along the route I was cheered on…even though I was with the stragglers and the power walkers at the back. About 500 meters from the end Jim ran with me, he must be twice my age and then some…I think one of the oldest members of the club and a real character…he really spurred me on, when all I wanted to do was stop.

I crossed the line in 2 hours 42…completely spent, but to an awaiting crowd of ELRs who had waited to see their last runner in. Wow!!! Why has it taken me so long to join this amazingly friendly club?

So back to Wednesday, my time was read out in the meeting room before our run with an “and last but not least…julie creffield”, if truth be known it was a huge motivator to turn up to the weekly club run, as my legs were still pretty stiff. In fact I went on to run a 9.2k club run, with Don ensuring I didn’t give up once again.

I feel so motivated to run now, I feel like a proper runner at last.

Thank you East London Runners!!!

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