The Biggest Loser

So I sat and watched the final of The Biggest Loser last night…I haven’t watched any of the series (too busy actually exercising which makes a change), and I suppose because of that I dind’t care a less about any of the contestants…cos I hadn’t followed their journeys.

There were some amazing results, for anyone who hasn’t watched it before basically its 10 teams of overweight couples, who stay in a house for 24 weeks with exercise and diet regimes and challenges which see 2 people evicted each week.

Well, most of the contestants lost at least 5 stone, one guy lost 11stone…40% of his bodyweight, and one young girl was completely unrecognisable, and she put her success down to running…she said that since leaving the programme (I think she was illiminated towards the end anyway) she was running between 5 and 10K every day.

I felt quite depressed actually after watching that (Hence the apple pie which I shouldn’t have eaten before going to bed)

I have been training for my Marathon for over 4 weeks now, I am running beween 15 and 40K per week, plus going to the gym and cycling. I have lost a grand old total of 4lbs…a total of 1stone since this time last year, when I joined Weight Watchers as a way of tracking my weight.

Everyone in the office, and my friends and family say they can see a difference in my body shape, and I feel a lot better – fitter – but why are the scales refusing to shift.

I am generally eating ok, lots of fresh fruit and veg, complex carbs and lean protein…I’ve even cut out alcohol…yet still the weight won’t shift. Its so bloody annoying. I really do not want to have to cart this extra weight 26 miles around London in 5 weeks time.

Any suggestions???

2 Responses to “The Biggest Loser”
  1. Richard says:

    Don’t been downhearted, a stone in a year is much more sustainable than 5 in less than six months. It’s all relative, it depends on where you ‘started your journey’ (sentimentalised rubbish).

    I have lost just under 2 stone in about 2 years. In that time I have run 1400 km and cycled 2500 km. I’ve run fast 5 and 10 km’s. I haven’t really changed my diet, it was reasonably healthy anyway, although I do drink too much and cheese is my nemesis!! I’ve lost over four inches off my waist (it’s cost a smal fortune in jeans…)

    Keep at it, it’s about a longterm change in your lifestyle that’s sustainable, not short term, dramatic change that isn’t habitual. Your time will come!

    • fattymustrun says:

      Thanks Richard…I think I was just having a bad day. I know exactly what you are saying, this is the more sustainable way of doing it…and my lifestyle has changed for the better.

      I am a bit of aboozer too, cheese I can do without…and do…but I am missing being able to have a drink whilst doing this training

      Oh well onwards and upwards…thanks for your support

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