At the Back

I suppose I am quite competative by nature, it might be something to do with having 5 siblings… growing up it was very much like “You snooze you lose”, and that ethos has followed me into adult life.

So the other day whilst in the gym with 3 of my work colleagues, and Eric the Machine, our fantastic Personal Trainer at Wanstead Leisure Centre, he had us doing a 10K challenge. Basically we had to warm up on a stepper for a few minutes, and then move onto the treadmill for a bit to get our legs ready and then the challenge started

3K Run
5K Cycle
2K Crosstrainer

All against the clock, AKA last man standing style. Sounds easy enough right?

So we were spaced out across the gym, J who is probably our most fittest Sports Development Officer, C who is also quite fit, is a dab hand at netball and other team sports such as drinking and partying (must be something to do with being Irish!!), E who has been working with Eric for months now in preperation for her August wedding, and then me the newbee of the group. So no pressure then!!!

I knew the others would be fast so I figured I would do intervals, ranging between 7 and 10 on the running machine, but I couldn’t maintain it and Eric kept telling me to run at a steady pace instead…but I wouldn’t be told, and did the last kilometer at about 10.5 to make up for lost ground…I think I was just about second off the machine…and now on to the bike.

Now I cycle to work so this should be a doddle. I literally set the bike up on a high level of resistance and made the decision to stay above 100RPM for the duration, so I literally just got on with the job, head down…focussed.

Again I was off the machine 2nd, having done my 5k cycle in just under 10minutes, J was miles ahead though. Question was could I do the crosstrainer in under 10minutes too? And the answer was yes of course I could, but only because I’d told E who was by now on a machine next to me, that under 10 minutes was my target…and with 30 seconds to go she wouldn’t let me give up and I crosstrained (if that is a word) like a nutter.

So there it was I didn’t come last…which is generally the marker I set myself in such situations.

I am so used to coming last in my running, I’m always at the back at my Running Club on club run night, I’m sure the backrunners are sick of the sight of me. Even at parkrun which is designed for all levels of runners I tend to find myself coming in in last place. Although I have had a couple of course PBs in the last week.

But hey, at least I’m there. Over the last few months I have seen a number of runners come along for the first time and not come back, or start the race and miraculasly dissapear on route.

I’m not gonna let being at the back deter me…i’ll keep plodding on, and you never know one day I might not be the slow coach of the group.

One Response to “At the Back”
  1. Happy Runner says:

    Well done! 🙂

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