Why Fatty Must Run

When people ask me about my blog they often make a funny face when I say its called “The Fat Girls Guide to Running”, and in particular people tend to find my fattymustrun nickname a bit distasteful. The look kinda says don’t be so hard on yourself, well I didn’t like to say or wow what a great name all rolled into one.

But why fattymustrun?

Well I remember one of my first runs. It was 2005 and I worked for Newham Council, this was in the lead up to finding out if London were going to host the 2012 games. Newham had just launched something called Fit Club so I joined and thought “well maybe I could do with loosing a few pounds” well actually I was probably about 3 stone overweight..maybe even a little bit more, as I never weighed myself.

So I signed up for a 3K run in Beckton Park, thinking how hard could it be. I remember the face was started by Christine Ohurugu (Pre her Beijing Games Success).

I set off really fast, and it was a really hot and sunny day, my chest felt like it was going to explode, I started walking as soon as I was out of sight of the crowd, and as I power walked around the lake running only when I saw people approaching I though “how have I got so unfit?”

I didn't realise I was so big - My size 20 jeans should have been a clue

I was probably about half way around the course when I spotted a group of men sitting by the lake fishing, my worst nightmare, so with my best “I don’t care face”, I sucked in my belly and started running again, but it was no good. A scummy looking kid, probably about 8 or 9 shouted out “Run, Fatty, Run” and I did. That was all it took, and I made a decision that I would not give up on losing weight again…I ran the last kilometer…and even managed a sprint finish.

That’s when my fitness journey started in earnest. I signed up for the London Triathlon, and I started cycling to work, swimming in my lunch break…and the running? Well I never really got round to doing much running…perhaps I never got over the “run fatty run” comments…in fact when I did the London Triathlon (The super sprint) I really struggled with the run, and would have walked round if it wasn’t for the crowds being there. The sense of achievement I felt finishing was out of this world…it proved that I could push myself.

I finished in 1 hour 35

The following year I went on a bootcamp and that’s when my relationship with running really started. The 5K fitness test at the beginning and end of the week really showed me that I could improve if I put my mind to it.

I have probably competed in over twenty 10K runs since then, 4 half marathons, the Paris 20k and a Kilomarathon from Nottingham to Derby.

Over the last 7 years my weight has gone up and down, normally as a result of how active I have been. I’m still overweight, by about a stone but my lifestyle is so much healthier than it was and I know the weight will come off when its ready. I thought when I signed up to the London Marathon that the training alone would make me lose weight, but it hasn’t. I am more toned and my clothes are fitting better, but my weight has stayed the same for the past month, which is quite frustrating.

Once the Marathon is out of the way I will get back on the weight loss campaign, and have a more balanced training programme, of course with some running.

So now you know…thats why fattymustrun!!!!

PS. I know I’m not so much of a fatty these days, but I think i’ll keep the nickname as a bit of a reminder

11 Responses to “Why Fatty Must Run”
  1. Nothing like a loud-mouth 8 year old to intimidate you when you’re out for a run, eh?

  2. Charlotte says:

    I am glad that I found your blog. You are funny and very informative. I too started running when I was a fat lady. I wore headphones to keep from hearing any potential comments and I’m sure there were many. I’m enjoying reading your writings.

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