Happy 100th Birthday Wanstead Flats parkrun

I did my first parkrun back in 2008, I got up ridiculously early to meet a friend in Wimbledon and it took me 37 minutes and 28 seconds to run around the course. Today I took part in the Wanstead Flats one hundreth parkrun, which for me was the 4th attempt on this course, where I hold a PB of 32 minutes, this was gained in march last year prior to my London Marathon.

I have in total completed only 6 parkruns, but it feels like many more (ok I did attempt the Mile End course a few weeks back, but did not complete it, perhaps I’ve done this at Wanstead too)

So why am I such an advocate? Even today after slipping and sliding, huffing and puffing my way around the course (which was run in reverse to celebrate it’s 100th birthday) I found myself at the scanning desk telling 3 young ladies just how great it is.

Things I love about parkrun

1. It’s Free
2. Once you register you can turn up to any course (they can be found all over the UK and the world in fact)
3. It’s very friendly
4. It’s ok to be slow (the organisers don’t go home until the last runner gets back)
5. You can see your progress online where you will find a complete breakdown of your running times, age grades etc (my best ever for example was 46.4%)
6. Some courses can accommodate pushchairs (quite handy for when the hubby needs a lie in)
7. It’s a great excuse not to drink on a Friday, yet it’s early enough on a Saturday to not take over your weekend
8. It’s only 5k…you can walk 5k in less than an hour so there really is no excuse
9. They give away free stuffs sometimes
10. You get to check out fit men in short shorts!!!!

I am going to try and go along more regularly this year, I want to get around the 5k under 30 minutes, and perhaps try out a few different courses!!

Keep up the great work parkrun and to all my readers out there, let me know where your local parkrun is and perhaps I’ll come along and try it out

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