Benidorm here I come

The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day and I have got my days exercise done and dusted. Friday is baby swimming day with Rose. The swimming pool is 15 minutes away in the car, but it’s a lovely 30minutes walk along the greenway, a hidden gem of london which is in fact the great northern sewer line, which makes it sound gross…but above ground it’s simply a lovely green pathway that goes from Hackney via the Olympic Park to the sewage works at Beckton, or in my case the Stratford to Plaistow bit

I love this walk as it takes in some interesting views and where it snakes behind and over peoples homes it kinda shows a snapshot of hidden London. It is normally quite quiet, but today cos of the weather it was actually very busy with cyclists, dog walkers and a few groups of polish drinkers soaking up the rays.

Rose enjoyed her swim, and I enjoyed my walk…and now we are both shattered.

So now what?? Well it’s Friday night, Rose’s dad is at Uni until late, its his last day of term so I am planning a night of crap TV and a few glasses of wine (low calorie wine in fact). Did I mention I lost another pound and a half at weightwatchers today, that’s 15.5lbs…not bad in 12 weeks hey?

However, I am going to step things up a bit with a focussed 8 week plan…in 8 weeks I am heading off to Benidorm for a week (Why Benidorm? Its a long story), but anyway I want to be able to fit into my holiday clothes and maybe even a swimming cossie!!!

How am I gonna do it?

My Running – Gonna really push myself, no more doing the bare minimum
My Food – Lots more healthy and filling foods, fruit and veg and good protein
Toning – I am going to do some core and strength work every day, and maybe even some work on my arms

My plan is to lose another stone, more would be great. I’m gonna be beach ready in no time at all.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday (well those of you in the UK), and the weather…I might even start my tan of this weekend…I need to start somewhere before I bare all in Benidorm!!!

3 Responses to “Benidorm here I come”
  1. Seefluffy says:

    Well you had a very productive day with good news at WW. Unusually cool here in Texas. We are having record lows and the wind is so strong I had to tie down my patio furniture.

  2. Carla says:

    Very productive day indeed. For me Saturday is my long walk/runs. I am in the very far South West of US and the weather is already 73 degrees at 8:00 am; very nice still for morning walks. I am also in a journey for weight loss and running and your blogs inspire me to continue. I think I will be your #1 fan.

  3. fattymustrun says:

    Hi Carla, im glad my blogs inspire you to run…they inspire me to run too…if i don’t run then i have nothing to write about 🙂 Morning runs are fab, I once did a morning run in St Lucia, I was on holiday there and asked one of the locals if anyone runs…he thought I was crazy but agreed to show me a nice route. We had to leave at 5.30am so that we could get there and back before the sun come up, but it was the best ever run…I may even write a blog about this soon!!

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