An unexpected run

What with the bank holiday on Monday just gone, track night was cancelled and I haven’t quite managed to get out the door for a run this week.

So today I decided I would walk to the doctors with Rose (for her immunisations) rather than drive.

It was sunny when I left out for the 30minute there and back route, but 5 minutes in it started to rain and I hadn’t brought the rain cover for the pushchair. I took cover under a bus shelter and decided to get the bus instead, but 2 buses came past with no room for a buggy so I decided to walk after all. The rain had stopped by now anyway, however now I had less than 18 minutes to make my 2pm appointment. I got there in the nick of time, a little sweaty but on time.

3 painful jabs and some screaming later I was making the return journey.

The rain had long disappeared but mother nature had replaced it with wind, so the 30 minutes home turned into almost 45, I had to stop to do up my coat at one point as I was starting to resemble batman as it caught in the gale force.

As I turned the corner of my street I was exhausted and couldn’t wait to get in and make a cup of tea, but no first for a little run.

The building where I live is on a bend, and with 4 reasonably high buildings along the bend it creates a wind tunnel at the best of times, but this was something else. An almighty gust caught the canopy of the pushchair and drove me into the road, luckily I was holding on tight and no traffic was coming, poor Rose who had been asleep until now woke with a start with a shocked expression on her face and as I pushed against the wind to stop myself from crashing into the fence across the street my shopping from under the pushchair decided to get in on the action…well actually it was a multipack of crisps…and they were off, and there was nothing for it but to chase them down the street.

I can see the headline now ” fat lady gets caught up in hurricane whilst chasing corn snacks down the road”

Anyway, we are all safe and sound, including the crisps…I can’t bare to eat any now as their ordeal was just as scary as mine, they are sitting on top of my freezer looking a bit sad, I will at least give them a couple of days to recover…besides its weigh in day tomorrow!!

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