Why are we so obsessed with weight

Today I have been for two weigh ins, one for me and one for Rose.

For me queuing up with my red weightwatchers book I was hoping for a weightloss, and after a week of counting points, eating lots of zero foods, running and generally sitting less and moving more i have managed to lose 3.5 lbs, not bad hey?

Then onto baby clinic with the health visitor for Rose, with another red book, but this time we were hoping for a significant weight gain. Although she was a big baby at birth (9lb3) she has not been putting on weight at the right rate since…but today we have had a breakthrough and she is back to where she should be!!

Another mum summed it up to me a few weeks ago “I’ve spent my whole life watching my weight, and now I’m worrying about someone else’s”…i’d never thought of it like that before. The same mum was quite tearful today as her little boy is not putting on weight. It is so stressful, and as a mum with sole control over what food your baby gets you just feel so guilty and powerless.

And it doesn’t stop, the health visitor invited me to something called a weaning party today, a session run for new mums to help them prepare for their child moving onto solids.

Maybe I will go back to basics with my food and eat like a baby…nothing artificial, all fresh natural produce and smaller portions. It makes sense!

I’m hoping this is the one time in Roses life where we have to monitor her weight so closely, and maybe the very last time for me.

5 Responses to “Why are we so obsessed with weight”
  1. Angela says:

    Happy Mother’s Day…

    • fattymustrun says:

      Oh yes it’s mothers say weekend in the US this weekend isn’t it, we have had ours in the UK already…Rose was very generous I got a card, flowers and a lie in.

  2. Sharon says:

    That weighing of babies! I used to take Mira and have constant anxiety as she either lost weight or didn’t gain. It was like exam time for me. A health visitor took me to one side and said “so, what does she like to eat?” My mum advised not going for the weigh-in and after a while, I relaxed and my child began to eat and gain weight. My mum implored me to go against advice of breast is best and I ignored it for some time, thinking I must be failing. On reflection, it is now obvious that my stress had prevented me from producing enough milk and my child had been starving for some time. You wouldn’t believe it now if you saw her.

  3. the5krunner says:

    say dont worry to your friend. 99.999% of babies don’t eat because they are not hungry. We had the same problem and ended up seeing a consultant … who said teh same thing

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