Do Tigers eat Mooli’s

Ok, ok so the title of this post is a little silly, but hey i’m in a bit of a silly mood…and I blame Grant!!

At my regular track speed session with the East London Runners yesterday our leader Grant put us through our paces in the most bizzare of fashions. He warned us midweek that he would be mixing up the session, actually he described it as a “fun, easy session” before a club race we have tomorrow.

Now our normal sessions are very well thought out and executed to the letter by the other runners, but I find them far to difficult, pyramids, track distances, race pace…all those terms bring me out in a bit of a sweat. for example 4 x round the track for me is a workout, but for the rest of the group its only the warm up. So what I tend to do is just jog around the track at a pace which is manageable for me and just hope for the best, who cares if I get lapped like 20 times per session, the one word I do understand however is recovery, and I tend to walk during my recovery to allow my heart rate to come down. But all that changed yesterday.

We did our warm up…well I did two laps (I didn;t stop though), and bare in mind I ran a 10K on Saturday night so I was sore, and then Grant put us into teams of four. We then had to select a bag, and inside the bag what did I find….THIS


What the hell is it I hear you ask?

Its a Mooli….and????….well Mooli is a giant radish that is also known as daikon. This name is the Korean word for this popular East Asian root vegetable, which is used in the cuisine of many nations. People can eat it in both raw and cooked form, and it is suitable in a dizzying array of dishes from salads to stir fries. Well I have never seen one before, and wouldn’t know where to start in terms of cooking it…but that was the least of my worries.

The night “Fun” session was in fact entitled “A Vegetable Relay” in our groups of four we were going to comete in relays using our vegetables as our baton. Oh no!!

As we lined up on the start line…A Mooli, A Plantain, A Lemon (not stricly a vegetable), a courgette and a carrot all I could think was “I am soooooo slow, this is going to be a disaster”, and it didn’t matter which leg I started on I was definately going to be the weakest link in our team. The first race was a 4 x 100 meters, I could run 100 meters right…wrong, my sprint is the same speed as a jog and I thought my windpipe was going to explode by the time I passed my Mooli to my team mate. Luckily my other members were mega speedy, and we came in 2nd place!!

Then came the 4×200 – well it was much of the same really, apart from this time my legs were hurting too and I couldn;t keep any kind of pace, it must have looked like I was going backwards. This time unspurprisingly we came in last

By the time we got to the 4 x 600s I was thinking are you for real? But I gave it a go anyway. We were supposed to break this into two runs, so you got some recovery, but we got a little confused and after my first 300, I hadn’t recovered enough so my team mate took my leg, and then we didn’t have enough runners at the next changeover point, so we were dashing across the field to get to the right place, which made no sense at all cos I was already out of breath…so there I was in no mans land – but somehow we got a person at the changeover point and managed to come in first.

A great session…an easy session? NO!! But fun…in fact I was going to call this post “Who says Running Clubs take themselves seriously?”

But just before writing this blog something even more outrageous than a vegetable relay was brought to my attention.

London Zoo is hosting an event in August called “Streak for Tigers”, and the basic premise is that 300 runners will streak within the grounds of the zoo wearing nothing but tiger ears and a mask raising money for sumatran tigers in the process. WOW!!!

Now I did say in a previous post that I was looking for a fun event to do in August, but I think this is a step too far…even for me!!

However I mentioned it on my twitter feed, and within seconds had loads of responses egging me on to do it, so I said ok “If I get 5000 followers by the end of the week I will” big mistake…my phone keeps buzzing next to me with followers and retweets, and I have an almighty feeling of dread somewhere between my heart and my throat.

To make things worse my Fiance has just told me “Don’t even think about it”

How the hell do I get out of this one?

5 Responses to “Do Tigers eat Mooli’s”
  1. rozette30 says:

    Love Love love this post! I had so much fun reading it. I am so excited! I am off to find you more followers…… Yeah… Oh yes they call her the streak, fastest thing on two feet! I’m already humming your theme song!

  2. tina leas says:

    THATS FUNNY! Yikes! Nope, I am definitely not the type to streak through the zoo! For one thing I would certainly end up with black eyes!

    • fattymustrun says:

      My thoughts exactly, fair enough I might be helping out the tigers, but the poor humans anywhere near me would be in real danger…the spectators come to think of it might need some counselling too!!!

  3. tina leas says:

    Yeah, I could be accused of trying to drum up business by traumatizing people!

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