How to Create the Perfect Running Top

So I ran today. Nothing new there then. It’s Monday and Monday means track night. A challenging session led by my running club at a local running track. I’ve been going for a few months now and am seeing a real improvement.

Only problem today, the sun is out and I had no top to wear. All my vests are to tight, the one top I like that would have been suitable was in the wash and the other tops that do fit I would be too warm in.

So a bit of creativity was required and below is my step by step guide for creating an ad hoc running top (Sorry guys this only works for women.

  1. Take a large T-Shirt (I have a stack of about 20 collected from races and other promotional things I’ve been involved in)
  2. Take a sharp pair of sissors
  3. Cut the bottom hem completely off and disgard
  4. Cut half of the arm off at a slight angle – these make for perfect emergency hair bands
  5. Cut the neck out in an oval shape and disguard
  6. Stretch the middle section of the tshirt
  7. Wear with a contrasting coloured funky T shape sports bra

Ta Da!!!


I should have taken a picture of me wearing this, as this snap doesn’t really show just how comfy this customised tshirt is for running in. But seriously, I need to get some new kit if I’m gonna run everyday…or else do some washing!!!

I can’t get my Garmin to upload, but I reckon I did about 4.5K plus 10minutes or so of core exercises, not bad conscidering my calves are still really sore!!

11 Responses to “How to Create the Perfect Running Top”
  1. Lorna says:

    Love it! I came to the same conclusion today about my running clothes, I just don’t have enough to run every day. May need to get my scissors out too

  2. racebunny says:

    Great tip. Thanks. I spend a fortune on branded sportswear to try and make myself myself look better than I often feel when I’m out on a training run. This is a great way to boost my wardrobe using what I already have plenty of.

    I see a slash-neck Great South Run top in my future…

    • fattymustrun says:

      I am the queen of customising tshirts.

      My favourite holiday outfit is a pair of denim shorts and a cut up tshirt. I once found a cheap men’s tshirt with danger mouse on it, I chopped the neck and arms off and slit a vertical slit up the back to show off bikini – magic!!! I was a little slimmer then though, so not as much back flab!!!

  3. Chrisruns180 says:

    Oh no, you murdered dangermouse! Love the blog!

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