Eating like a hundred year old

So I’m not talking mashed up food or calories delivered intravenously or through a feeding tube, I’m talking about only choosing foods that could be found on this planet 100 years ago.

At the start of June I decided to clean up my eating habits so to speak. I have been on some kind of diet or healthy eating regime since about the age of 14…I’ve tried everything.

But having read a little about the concept of eating clean A few months ago I thought I would give it a go.

I’d be lying if I said I have stuck to it completely but at least 90% of the time I have kept to the concept of no processed food.

I am doing weightwatchers at the moment, so this fits well with their “healthy and filling” option, which means no counting of points – which suits me fine.

I went for weigh in this morning and have lost another lb and a half, so since the beginning of June that’s 5lb…so it’s working.

I’m really enjoying all the fresh fruit and veg I am eating and also treats like dark chocolate, red wine and calorific foods i normally avoid like nuts, avocados and dried fruits.

I’ve realised it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. I have a good store cupboard full of brown rice, pulses, cous cous, plus tinned beans and tinned and frozen fruit. I have also found bags of nuts and trail mix in my local .99p shop, and yesterday I bought 3 huge avocados, a box of strawberrys, 3 of blackberrys, a bag of Granny Smiths, and a huge bunch of bananas for…wait for it £5 from a market stall, so it is possible to do this on a budget.

My ankle is still a little tender and I have a huge running challenge coming up this weekend so I want to give it time to heal, so my juneathon exercise is a little on the light side this week but my eating is keeping me on track!!


2 Responses to “Eating like a hundred year old”
  1. traditionis says:

    Very nice post! I started to do that! I am eating” clean”! Lots of green vegetables.I just can not eat junk food! my body is allergic! I get sick!

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