Introducing Tina

So last month I told you about the fabulous and inspirational Jen, one of my 16 fattymustrun marathon challenge recruits, and today I thought it was about time I introduced you to another one of my amazing ladies Tina AKA “therunningranny”

I am picking on her this month as she kept asking on twitter “who’s next?”, so guess what?

Tina is a granny, so there is no need to expose her age, she is from Madison, Indiana in the USA…and she is overweight like all of my recruits, so what makes her so special. Well lots of things I have discovered.

1. She works with young people with mental health issues, often working 13 hour days
2. She is outspoken and says it like it is


3. Most of all…she makes me laugh out loud with her off the wall ideas

Check out her blog post today called “Getting Past the Fat Girl Fear”, I am with her 1000% and in fact she has had me thinking about other slogans for a Fattymustrun clothing range…my favorite one so far is…

On the front of the Tshirt – “Yes…I’m Fat and I’m Running”
On the back of the Tshirt – “But you’re ugly, and no amount of running can help you”

What do you think?

Todays Juneathon activity includes Mile End Parkrun (a slow 5K dodging snails on the path), and 4 hours trapsing around Westfield…I am in fact exhausted.

So anyway, check out Tina’s link, sign up to her blog or find her on Twitter @tinamymy

8 Responses to “Introducing Tina”
  1. plustenner says:

    she sounds an amazing lady!

  2. tina says:

    I will expose my age! I am 45! I act more like I am 4 going on 5! & as recently as a week ago I was mistaken for a teenager. It’s the fat filling up the wrinkles! No need to pull fat out of my bum to inject in my face!

  3. Tina Leas says:

    Hey when you find something you are good at you stick with it!
    I can’t really say I am good at running but it takes less coordination than Zumba!

  4. diawalker says:

    Love it! She is pretty awesome!

  5. I want this shirt!! Let’s do it

  6. mbcrower says:

    Please, please, make the tshirts….. made me laugh and laugh. Love your posts!

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