You can not be serious

No this is not a “wimbledon/tennis” related post this is a “I ran over 30k since last weeks weigh in and didn’t lose a single pound” post.

Can you believe it, 5k on Saturday, 15k on Sunday, 4k last night and shit loads of power walking in between, and I am exactly the same weight as last week.

So in the words of John McEnroe, I say it one more time “you can not be serious”

10 Responses to “You can not be serious”
  1. Kathryn says:

    Don’t lose heart Julie I’ve said before about muscle weighing more than fat. Concentrate on inches lost as you’ll probably see a difference there. Xx

  2. Angela says:

    Julie, if you remember doing Fit Camp for 7 days we slogged it out – ate rabbit food all week, 6 hours or cardio a day and god knows what else…. and I lost…. 1 pound – and they had the cheek to ask me whether I had cheated… I wish I had… Keep going girl… Ange…

    • fattymustrun says:

      I don’t think I will ever truly understand my body. The week I do nothing but eat cake, drink vodka and sit watching tipping point – I lose 3.5lbs – it’s a conspiracy I tell ya!!!

      • Victoria says:

        I find that I have a delay in losing the weight, any weight loss is generally attributed to what I have done the week before. Bet you lose tonnes next week. My last 4 weeks weight losses have been 7-0-5-2 go figure, no pattern there at all!

  3. diawalker says:

    The important thing is that you’re out there getting it done. The weight will happen in time.

  4. kirstie256 says:

    feel the same. Ran 4 times last week and did a 50mile bike ride and didnt lose anything. Hopefully it will go this week.

    • fattymustrun says:

      It’s really disheartening. I wonder if its my body begging me to take it a little easier. I see other ladies at weightwatchers who do no exercise and lose like 3-4lbs per week consistently!!

      • kirstie256 says:

        Thats exactly what I tell my other half. Everyone tells you how they have chocolate every day and they lose 4lb. Ive done it by myself this time but Im stuck at 27lb for the last 2 weeks. This is the lightest Ive been as an adult but I still need to lose a stone. Think this is the bit where I just have to stick it out for a while and know it will come off at some point.

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