10,000 steps a day?

After yesterday’s disappointing result at Weightwatchers it could have gone two ways, I could have given up and gone on a 24 hour binge wallowing in self pity or else I could suck it up (and in) and refocus my energy into getting a better result next week – so that’s what I did.

I went to meet an old work colleague for lunch this afternoon and decided to leave the car at home and get the bus, which at least then involved me doing some walking. In fact I did quite a bit of walking as the cafe we went to was in the middle of a huge park.

I am still wearing my fitbug, today I had to attach it to my knicker elastic as there was nowhere on my maxidress for it to go. It worked fine…I just had to remember when I went to the ladies!!

So today I did a grand total of….wait for it….


Yep your eyes are not tricking you, I did more than the recommended number of steps needed to help with weightloss…it took a bit of forward thinking but it wasn’t particularly hard.

Onwards and upwards as they say!!! And only 3 days left of Juneathon…I’m thinking about how to finish up the week…I’ve got to go out with a bang!!!

4 Responses to “10,000 steps a day?”
  1. I’m just allowing myself a little chuckle, because you know how I like the ‘tags’ section of blog posts when I do my own… no? you don’t?… well I do… anyway… they are separated by commas 😉 so you’ve ended up with “000 steps, 10, fitbug, etc….”
    I’m not having a go – Just a smile.
    Well done with the 10,000 plus anyway. I think I managed about 100.

  2. diawalker says:

    Share your secret on achieving over 10,000 plus steps in a day! Well done!

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