To parkrun or NOT to parkrun

My alarm went off as normal at 8am and shortly after Rose woke up for a feed, so by the time my 8.15 reminder went off I could quite easily have stayed in bed.

“I thought you were going parkrun” I heard from his side of the bed

“Yeah, I was” came the answer, but that was before the bottle of wine and the large bar of galaxy caramel was consumed, I don’t even like galaxy caramel!

But he wouldn’t have it, so by 8.45 I was sitting in the carpark of my local parkrun still not feeling particularly inspired to run.

I was slow starting off which is quite unusual for me, I normally try and keep up with people for as long as I can but I just wasn’t in the mood today. So I kept on plodding right at the back, the run was pretty uneventful, no dogs chasing me, no snails to dodge, no tree roots tripping me over. I was lapped earlier than normal so I figured my hopes of getting a good time were not very good so I figured I would try to get round without stopping instead.

I could see a couple ahead of me that were stop starting and I tried to catch them up but they kept disappearing round corners. I wondered what time I was at but my Garmin just insisted on telling me my heart rate was at like 187 – 190. And then just as I was on the last stretch it said 35.45 wow I was doing ok for time. The question was could I run the final bit in 1 minute 14 and get under 37minutes.

Well I’m still waiting for the official results but I stopped my Garmin at 37.16 so it’s gonna be close. The fact I ran the whole way is what I’m most proud of as its the first time since having my daughter.

I suppose the moral of this story is “get up, get out and get running” you never know what might happen.


3 Responses to “To parkrun or NOT to parkrun”
  1. kirstie256 says:

    I did my first parkrun today. I was really nervous but I loved it and cant wait to do the next one.

  2. JustDeb says:

    Good for you! You’re an inspiration!

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