A Housewife’s Ton Up

I don’t live in a house, and I’m not married…but on an official form I suppose I would have to tick the box that says housewife, or homemaker…although my other half may beg to differ when it comes to the limited amount of housework I actually do.

But that is not the point.

The weather this morning was terrible, so I decided rather than having a sofa day with my little girl I would commit to an almighty challenge, a challenge to use some of the fitness equipment I have around the place and some of the muscle groups which I have neglected for the last few months.

I would like to introduce to you – The Housewife’s Ton Up.

I first did a ton up in October 2010 whilst at a military style bootcamp, this one took place in a carpark with 30 other women. I wrote a blog about it entitled “I just can’t stop crying” which I think says it all.

A Ton Up is basically 10 exercises done 10 times, at bootcamp we did shuttle runs in between each set, keeping our heart rate up and in all the session took close to 2 hours to complete…maybe even longer.

Well the housewife’s ton up works like this.

1.    You choose 10 exercises (any you like but once you commit to them by writing them down you can’t change your mind)

2.    You have to do 10 sets of 10 of each exercise (that’s 100 of each in total)

3.    You do them at home using equipment you can find (ie chairs, baked beans, skipping rope, hula hoop)

3.    You have all day to complete them

So I started this morning at about 9am writing 10 exercises on the back of an envelope, and started off with the first one – tricep extensions using a 8KG kettlebell (I’m trying to get rid of my bingo wings) This proved to be reasonably simple…challenging but ok and easy enough to do between boiling the kettle for Rosie’s bottles, washing up and getting dressed etc.

I then waited a while for the other half to go out. I didn’t want to have to explain my crazy challenge, or listen to his advice about the best number of sets to do and technique etc…but he decided not to go out…so I was stuck with him.

So I tackled some bicep curls – bish bash bosh, and upright rows both using the 8kg kettlebell. By now my arms were feeling like jelly as I ticked off the rep number on my envelope, but I was feeling ok.

That’s where it all went a bit tits up. Sit ups hurt too much, press ups were no easier and squats?? why did I include squats? Where my arm exercises I had managed to do all 10 sets in sequence I was just doing 1 set at a time a bit willy nilly and I got a little overwhelmed. So when him indoors said “Should we go and visit my mum?” I jumped at the chance (nope that is not the cue for a mother-in-law joke)

But when I got home 4 hours later the envelope was staring at me…and I knew I had to get down to business again before dinner if I was going to complete them all. So I managed to knock out 100 of my double leg raises using a 12kg kettle bell as an anchor, and another couple of sets of press ups and one more of squats.

Then after a quick break for dinner (a food parcel from mummies) and putting an excitable Rose to bed I raised my heart rate with 5 sets each of kettlebell swings and clean and jerks raises using the 8kg kettle bell.

I am now taking a breather to write this post. I have 1 hour and 29 minutes to complete the rest.

90 sit ups

60 press ups

60 squats – using 2kg handweights

100 Russian Twists – using 8kg kettlebell

40 kettle bell swings – using 8kg kettlebell

50 clean and jerks – using 8kg kettlebell


I thought writing it down might make it more doable. Nope!!

Come back tomorrow to see if I complete this challenge, if I do then it seriously is a great way of motivating yourself to do strength/weight-bearing exercise whilst cooped up at home with a small child. If I don’t….well I still reckon its worth a shot.

I am going to hurt tomorrow either way.

11 Responses to “A Housewife’s Ton Up”
  1. TartanJogger says:

    Brillant! What a great idea for a rainy day- I’ll definitely be trying this in future.

  2. mbcrower says:

    Love it. What determination you have … and what a great idea.

  3. The workout sounds really cool. I might try that and spice up my workout.

    On another tip: I love reading your “English slang” words (bish bash bosh, tits up) and trying to figure out how to incorporate them into my day-to-day speaking, although it won’t have the same effect as it would in England. I’m sure everyone here will just stare at me.

    • fattymustrun says:

      I forget that my lingo is a bit strange, half cockney (east london) half carey on camping and sometimes even a little West Indian due to my other halfs carribean roots. Just give us a shout if you need a translator!!

      • I watch a lot of UK TV on youtube, so I’m kinda up on the lingo but sometimes I just forget that you are English 🙂

        I’ll definitely ask for translation if needed 🙂

  4. Sounds like a pretty reasonable plan, that.
    Well done for still getting yours done within the time frame.

  5. wight loss says:

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    at single place.

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