One Big Fat Run

I have a dream, a dream that one day…one day 1 MILLION overweight runners from all over this crazy planet will participate in a single running event on one given day. Can you picture it… parks and footpaths, tracks and treadmills all over the land taken over by an army of determined runners, albeit a little larger than your average runner but with an “I don’t care” stare on their face and a Fattymustrun Tshirt on their back.

I have a dream that wherever you are in the world, however many pounds you still need to lose, regardless of how fast of slow you can run, that you stand up and be counted in this world of toned and trim athletes. So what if you don’t have the latest technical running gear, and you have to wear two bras one over the top of each other to prevent collateral damage… you are a runner and you deserve to run.

So what do you think? Can it be done? Is it possible to find 1 Million overweight people willing to come on board with this crazy idea?

I don’t care how you do this 5K, you can complete it on a treadmill, create a loop from your front door around town and back, run it all completely on a running track if that’s your thing, in a park with your mates, or even as part of a formal race if you are that brave…I don’t care, as long as the distance is 5K and runners use their own esteem to get from the start to the finish.

The inaugural virtual “One Big Fat Run” race will take place on Sunday 25th August at locations across the globe – We may not be able to twist everyones arm at first, as it’s quite scary signing up to your first run, and 5K seems like such a long way…but remember you can walk it, even if it takes you all day (who cares??), but I am so convinced we will get there one day I will be repeating this event monthly on the last Sunday of each month until we do.

In fact, for the August run we already have over 100 people signed up, with people joining everyday.

I think it’s about time that we show this world, that Fat people can and do run too!!! Maybe if there were more larger runners visible in this world we would get less stares, less insults, less laughs…and maybe even more would be runners, wanna be runners, and could be overweight runners would join us. So please help spread the word…share this with your friends, your real ones and your virtual ones and be part of this Fattymustrun revolution

How do I sign up?? Click Here…and remember to share the event with your friends, family and colleagues, remember we are aiming for 1 million runners.
And how does it work exactly?
•  Sign up on Facebook
•  Encourage others to sign up
•  Choose your 5K route
•  Walk, Jog or Run your route on 25.8.13
•  Take a finishers picture
•  Upload picture on social media with finishers time
•  Tell the world you completed ♯onebigfatrun
•  Do it all over again next month
•  Be part of the @fattymustrun revolution
If you are close enough to London you can join me in a very special ♯onebigfatrun with a fantastic route which takes in parts of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, I will post the full route in a week or so!!!

The only question I have in my mind now is how long will it take to get this Fattymustrun running revolution up and…erm…well… RUNNING!!!!

4 Responses to “One Big Fat Run”
  1. Jill McCurdy says:

    Now that is inspiration! Keep it up!

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