Introducing Amber

So its been a while since I introduced one of my Fatty Must Run Marathon Challenge girls…and we are now 3 months into the programme and I am really getting to know my ladies a little better now.

Amber was the first lady to apply where from her photo I thought “Hmmm?? Not sure if she is actually fat enough for this” from what I could see she had a great figure.

But seeing as I set the criteria as those with BMIs of 25+ (the start of the overweight catagory) and Ambers was 30.6 there was no reason not to include her, and Ambers story was slightly different to the other girls.

Amber had already run a few half marathons and was reasonably active, what she was struggling with was the motivation to move up to a marathon and/or train properly for her halfs – something which I could relate to totally.

In fact Amber and I are quite similar in quite a few ways… we both enjoy a good time (and a drink), both are a bit haphazard with our training and both have a great sense of humor!! (even if I do say so myself)

Amber has been really involved with the programme so far and is already seeing improvements in her 5K times, and her BMI has come down a bit too, and she has a clear plan in terms of how to improve her half marathon times in the autumn.

She says

So far, I’m definitely enjoying the feeling of togetherness on this journey. Everyone’s at their own spot on this journey- some with more experience, some more athletic- but we are all cheering each other on. The entire group wants to lift everyone to the next level, there is no feeling of trying to out do someone else.

I want to see how this pans out in a few months when the marathon training shifts into high gear- I think the support at that point will be key.

I am so glad that I was on Twitter and saw the ad for this challenge. This is another push for me to set and achieve goals for a better life. I’m getting healthy, having fun and making friends….what more could I ask for?

She writes a blog called Runs Like an Elephant, you should check it out…follow her journey to see how she gets on with her Spring Marathon. I am predicting a sub 5 hour debut (you heard it here first). And if ever I go to Denver, Colorado I will be sure to touch base with this special lady, in fact I need to find myself a reason to go just so I can meet her!!

6 Responses to “Introducing Amber”
  1. Tina Leas says:

    Amber is AMAZING!!! Love her!!!!

  2. mawil1 says:

    Yes I’m following amber now, too. I agree that she looks great but I respect the fact that she has a hgh bmi and wants to bring it down. Theres nothing worse than someone saying ‘oh you dont need to lose weight’ when you thonk that you do. She sounds like shes going to achieve her goals to me! Thanks for directing to her blog.

  3. Thanks Julie for the nice write-up! Most people who know me wouldn’t consider me overweight- being 5’10” & change helps me look thinner than I am. I’m really glad that I am taking part in the Fattymustrun Marathon Challenge because its given me focus in my running and I’ve been exposed to so many wonderful people. Julie, you are welcome to pop over to mine anytime!!

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    Check out my profile for the #FMRMC

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