Half a Bleedin Pound

I lost half a pound this week.

Better than nothing I hear you say. And you would be right…however for me to get to my ideal weight of 12 and a half stone I calculate that this would take me 2 years and 8 weeks.

In other words by 3rd October 2015.

Seriously I can’t wait that long. I was thinking more like 3rd January 2014, with a weekly weight loss of just over 2 and a half pounds a week – is that completely unrealistic?

It’s all well and good taking it slow and saying anything off is a bonus, but last week I walked for miles and miles, I ran a 5k (post pregnancy) PB, I did a 45 minute swim and a whole heap of strength training too. Plus can I add I said no to chocolate, cake, wine, chips, sweets…and all I saw was a half pound loss and bearing in mind I lost nothing the week before either its just bloody frustrating.


That’s enough of my pity party.

Tomorrow is a new day and I am gonna change things up a bit. I have a long walk planned but am also gonna do an hour of kettlebells first thing. At the weekend I’m going to attempt two 5ks and lets see what the scales say on Wednesday.

The picture below shows just what a pound of fat looks like. so really i shouldn’t be so down hearted should I?

Anyone else get a bit despondent at small weight losses?


9 Responses to “Half a Bleedin Pound”
  1. victoriaburrows says:

    I get scandalously upset at small losses. Especially when I am putting so much effort in, I want to see results equal to it. If only life were so simple.
    The only thing that gets me remotely close to being ok with it is this – think of all the times you have tried to lose weight in your life. If over that entire time you had lost .5lb per week you would be easily at your target. Time will pass anyway and you are going in the right direction which is better than time passing and your weight having gone up.

    Small consolation I know but keep it up.

  2. TartanJogger says:

    It’s so frustrating! Ok, I know ‘a loss is a loss’ and all that, but it makes me feel like I want to hurl the scales out the window!
    I usually go and try on some ‘fat clothes’ and then I feel better, cause I know how far I’ve come!

  3. I totally understand your frustration but sometimes I think that scales suck. Big time. I may not see a lower number when I weigh myself but I sure appreciate the extra room in my pants or the smaller jiggle of my upperbody when I walk up the stairs.
    Use it as motivation (which it already sounds like you will) and keep working towards your goal.

  4. rozette30 says:

    I have lost 20 lbs before and had barely any change in body size.. Lost it from all the wrong places. And once I dropped 12 lbs and my whole body changed and my jeans were falling off. So the numbers on the scale are relative to me. That being said, I have two things you say 1. If you worked out alot and ate properly you may have a big drop next week with less effort. 2. If you aren’t hydrating properly, and yes hydrating during a swim is important also, your body may be trying to hold on to all the liquid that it can. Try drinking more water and see if that helps. If it is a hydration issue, then once you start drinking more water, your body will release some of the fluid it is holding hostage on your body.

  5. mariekeates says:

    Don’t hold too much store by the scales or by the calendar. If you want to lose weight a d keep it off you are better off losing it slowly. Believe me, I am someone that lost and regained the same two stone more times than I can remember. It was only when I stopped thinking short term and began to see the whole things as a life change for ever that changed. I rarely lost more than a pound a week, sometimes I went weeks without losing anything, occasionally I gained the odd pound back briefly but the general trend was down. The focus was on eating healthily and walking, dancing, gardening doing things I liked that made me move about, not as exercise but as part of my daily life, although, if you’ve ever read my blog http://www.fatgirlslimblog.co.uk you will know some of those walks are pretty long. It took me a long time to work it out, it took me the best part of three years to lose the weight but I’m still here, still slim, still doing it because its just the way I live my life now. 🙂

    • fattymustrun says:

      I know, I know, I know!!! Your blog is great and I agree totally about it being a long term lifestyle and I am signed up for that 100%

      I’m just feeling a bit frustrated.

      I think I need to rethink my exercise levels and focus on quality not quantity!!

      Time is of the essence right now, as although I am not currently working (I’m on maternity leave, but with no job to go back to) I do need to find some kind of income in the next few months so may not have the time I currently have to focus completely on my health goals.

      I am also desperate to buy some new clothes. I am in between sizes at the moment and need a massive clear out of all my maternity clothes. But can’t justify buying anything new yet as I want to lose another stone or so first.

      There is no worry about me giving up I have little Rosie to think about which actually makes me feel a whole heap more positive!!

  6. kirstie256 says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I put weight on this week and was gutted. I know everyone says its better to lose it slowly but I dont want to feel like Im on a diet for all my adult life.

  7. Couldn’t have said it better – it’s like you heard me word for word! I don’t enjoy the half-pound gain weeks, but what really irks me are the ones where you’ve worked out for literally hours, stuck with everything on the nutrition front and then the scale nudges up a pound. C’mon! I’ve gotten off the more frequent weigh-ins if for no other reason than to save some sanity. Hope the scales are in your favor this week! Happy running! Love that picture too btw — visualizing the fat seems to provide a little more consolation for some reason.

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