I Target FAT People

A few years ago Sport England did a big piece of work known as “market segmentation” where based on a huge research project called the “Active People Survey” they were able to come up with a set number of social profiles which identified certain sporting behaviour which then helped those working in Sport across the country to not only plan sporting activities but market them appropriately to these groups too.

Let me explain.

They came up with 19 adult profiles each with a name so that everyone knew who they were talking about, for example Ben was a “competitive male urbanite” representing 10% of the male population and most likely to be found playing football and out at the weekend chasing Chloe’s…Chloe’s are the type of girl we all want to be…confident, image conscious…SLIM.

I guess I’m more of an Alison these days, a bust stay at home mum, although this time last year I was clearly a Helena, a career focused professional enjoying the highlife.

So what has all this got to do with my running and stuff?

Well I have been thinking lately about how to target my market more effectively, I mean who is my market anyway? Well it’s FAT women I guess…but that’s not very nice I hear you say. Nobody likes being put into a box do they? But how else do you build your audience and get the message out to the people you believe you can help the most.

I suppose I could start loitering outside local slimmersworld groups or try to get hold of the records from all the doctors performing weightloss surgery across the UK…but what would I do ask them upfront? Hand them a flier?

“Ooooohh you’re fat, fancy reading my fat girls running blog?” I’d have to be pretty brave to do that, and I never would. But it got me thinking about how health professionals do it…or maybe they don’t. In the UK there is a huge government campaign called “change for life” which is being delivered at every level, huge TV advert placements, leaflets, projects in schools, recipe cards, giveaways…you name it. But the visual images in this campaign used to strike a cord with the public are some brightly coloured plasticine figures, podgy around the middle and eating the wrong foods.

I don’t have the answers but it’s something I’d love to hear your views on.

This Sunday close to 200 overweight ladies (and a few men too) will take part in #onebigfatrun a FREE virtual 5k for plus sized runners. Some will walk, some will jog and some will run, but all will do it in a safe and supportive environment and feel proud of their achievement.

I have a dream of attracting 1 million overweight runners…my only problem is how to engage them in the first place. For more information and to help spread the word why not like my Facebook page and share it with your networks.



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