Xmas is coming…

And I’m definitely not getting Fat…ter!!!

A few weeks ago with exactly 12 weeks until Christmas Day, I launched “Fattys Xmas Weightloss Challenge” on my Facebook page with the aim of helping my followers lose a stone before the New Year, I was going to take part myself of course…and I am almost still on target.

In the first 4 weeks I lost 8lbs, although I put on a pound after last weekends christening celebrations (which really wasn’t bad considering the amount of food I ate), so I’m back at 7lbs in 5 weeks, I weigh in again on Wednesday and am hoping (ok praying) for a 2lb loss. If I continue on this downward trajectory I will be almost the same weight I was before I had my daughter, come xmas and possibly even lighter come her 1st birthday in January.

However, we all know that as the cold autumnal weather arrives and Halloween hits, it’s a downward spiral into seasonal festival eating and drinking. Gone are the light salads and fruit desserts of the summer months, and what arrives are warm hearty dishes, and get togethers with plates full of delicious calorie loaded treats…and let’s not get started with the £4 mega boxes of Celebrations, Quality Street and Roses.


I think I may have found a timely antidote to this annual festival of indulgence in the form of the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar…a calendar without chocolate of course…in fact an all together different kind of calendar, one which will treat you on a daily basis without leaving you a stone (at least) heavier come the New Years day parades!!

On Thursday evening I went along to the launch of this years Zero Calorie Calendar to find out what it was all about. The event included a run along the beautifully lit River Thames with the lovely peeps at GoodGym wearing reindeer antlers and Santa hats no less. My knee was still playing up a bit but I managed to complete the 4kish run with a little bit of support from the other lovely fitness blogging ladies who were with me.


I am hiding at the back…why do I do that?

So how does the calendar work?

Well it’s virtual of course meaning anyone can take part (although some of the offers and brands are UK based) But basically its an alternative to the usual chocolate-based Christmas countdown, with an online calendar that provides viewers with a free workout routine, a healthy recipe, and a health-related business deal (giveaways, discounts on products, free London-based fitness classes).

How to get involved

1. Visit www.zerocalorieadventcalendar.com every day from 1-24 December after 9am GMT.
2. Check out the free workout,delicious healthy recipe and fabulous special offer for that day.
3. This year the calendar is supporting one very special charity – A Mile In Her Shoes

You can also connect on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ZeroCalAdvent and Twitter @ZeroCalAdvent (also #FatFreeXmas and #ZeroCalAdventCal), so you really have no excuse not to get involved.

My diary is already starting to populate itself with nights out, parties and family get togethers but instead of succumbing to the indulgent madness of the festive period I am aiming to offset any abnormal eating and drinking with fitness and healthy recipes.

I also plan to run on Xmas Day…do you reckon you could manage it too? I did it once a few years ago and it was amazing. The roads were empty and it really set me up for the day, it was like a gift to myself. Plus I figure if you can make a run (or walk) happen on one of the busiest and most stressful days of the year then you can manage it any of the other 364 days of the year.

Don’t forget we also have Decembers #onebigfatrun taking place on Sunday 29th December…and for the first time ever it’s FANCY DRESS!!!!!! Put a note of this in your diary NOW, before you book that massive Xmas party on the 28th…by all means still do the party, but just commit to doing the run too, you could even rope in all your friends…I can whole heatedly recommend running as a cure for a hangover 🙂

So…What are you going to do this Christmas to stop the FATNESS from descending?

3 Responses to “Xmas is coming…”
  1. TartanJogger says:

    Great post! I’ll definitely be signing up for the zero calorie advent calendar! Yesterday, I bought a Yankee Candle advent calendar, so I’ll have a non- Choc treat every night 😉
    I’ll definitely be running on Christmas Day too!

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