Are you lucky enough to have a home gym??

I thought not.

Me neither.

Or have I??

Just one second.

Silly me…of course I have. Look there’s the Running Machine behind the door that I bought 5 years ago and have used less than 20 times. Oh and the other halfs weights bench and weights bar, 2 kettlebells (8kg and 12kg), a skipping rope, 2 sets of hand weights, a exercise ball (used during pregnancy), a twisty thing (good for love handles), a drawer full of exercise DVDs (and videos as I am old school)…so sure I have enough kit and equipment here to have my own little home gym going on.

Only problem is I live in a small 2 bed flat (apartment for my US readers) which is fast resembling a children’s playgroup rather than a stylish home.

The other night as I played around on Zoopla looking at what £1million could buy me I found myself fantasisingabout what I would do with the basement, or the 5th bedroom or the out buildings…turning the unused space in to a mecca for my fitness. I’d have a massive padded area with a full length mirrors and a flat screen in the corner for DVDs etc. I’d have a running machine and a cross trainer and a bike…ohh and one of those vibrationy thingys that do all the work for you. I’d have a shower nearby too, and a water cooler and fridge full of health post workout goodies….aaaahhh its nice to dream hey?

Well back to today.

I haven’t been for a run since Monday. In fact I haven’t been out of the house much at all. I popped out in the car yesterday to my sisterinlaws but that is about it. Its just too cold to do anything and I feel guilty dragging Rose out into the cold just so I can get my exercise in. Her dad is still working lates, coming in close to midnight for the last 2 weeks, so there was only one thing for it today.

The treadmill came out. It seriously had’t been used in over two years. It has just moved from room to room as we got the flat ready for Rose’s arrival. At one point my spare room was going to become my gym, but it became more of a storage room for my fitness stuff with no room to swing a cat and now it’s Roses room so the fitness kit has been moved to the hallway cupboard and behind the front room door – out of sight out of mind.

But the running machine has actually been in an award spot between the dining table and the kitchen. There so I would remember to use it. It hasn’t worked and I have just learned to ignore it…or use it to dry washing…sound familiar?

Anyway, I got it out today positioned in the kitchen and I plugged it in, unsure if it even worked anymore. It did. I have never really liked running on it to be quite honest as I fear the weight of it and me jumping up and down might see me crashing into the apartment downstairs. It didn’t but you can never be too careful.

I am sure the stats are inaccurate though cos it seemed like forever before I clocked up any milage, and I felt like I was going pretty fast. I ended up clocking up exactly 1 mile (very poor) in over 17 minutes…see what I mean.

I’m sure even I am not that slow.

But Rose was starting to get bored in her highchair…he chopped up fruit was either eaten or scattered around her and I figured that I had at least made a start on my new running at home habit.

Sitting here typing I am thinking perhaps I might even fit in another mile when she goes to sleep…but before her dad comes in. And then I will pack it back up until tomorrow and he won’t know the difference.

One of these days I will live in a big enough house to have a permanent home for my growing workout gear but until then I will just have to make space and make do!!!


One Response to “Are you lucky enough to have a home gym??”
  1. mariekeates says:

    I actually have a proper home gym, treadmill, bike, punch bag, step, kettle bells, Swiss ball and all the DVDs. There is a wall of mirrors and a wi. It does get used but not as much as it should. I went to do Pump it Up this morning and the blasted DVD player is broken and I need a new wi controller, grr, the best intentions…

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