Thank You

Don’t worry this is not a soppy thank you post to all my followers, who without their support this blog would not be what it is…nope it is not that kinda post at all….although I should say a very quick thanks to you lot too – cheers!!!

Nope…This post is a THANK YOU to my body, a general thank you for putting up with me…but specifically a heart-felt thank you for everything my body has achieved in 2013.

But to let the whole story unfold I would like to go back a bit further than 2013 first.


Running the Virgin London Marathon

Nov 2011 – After 8 years of half heartedly running short distances without ever training properly, I committed to running a marathon and finally attempt to shift the 4 stone of extra weight I had been aimlessly carrying around.

April 2012 – I lined up with thousands of other runners at the start line of one of worlds most famous marathon routes. Over the subsequent 5 hours 50 minutes and 37 seconds I ran…yes RAN 26.2 miles. My legs moved, my heart pumped blood, my sweat glands did their thing, my bowels held out and even my brain held it together too. I crossed the finish line, collected my finishers medal and despite my initial fears about not doing enough training I ran my first marathon dare I say it quite easily. The following day of course I was stiff, I was missing a few toenails and had some welts around my bra line…but other than that I was OK.

I had run a marathon…still weighing in at close to 16 stone.


HOWEVER – The following week I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant.

So for 8 whole months I did no running and it was really hard…I really missed it. I did some swimming, a little bit of yoga…but mainly I sat on the sofa eating cake!!!


Me at 8 months pregnant


My little Rose

January 2013 – I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, it took me almost 3 days to deliver her but she arrived weighing in at an impressive 9lbs 3…I myself weighed in at a hugely embarrassing twenty something stone. Thats what 9 months of limited exercise and a constant supply of cake does to you. My body though had nurtured a tiny group of cells into a human being. Do you know how incredible that is. How mind blowing to think that my body could do that. The same body that I had abused in my twenties, the same body I have spent most of my adult life hating for one reason or another. My hips are too wide, my tummy too round, I have back flab, thighs that rub, a double chin…but I created another human being…a healthy one at that.

February 2013 – My body was coping with the joys of 2 hours sleep a night, the production of breast milk, the healing of my nether regions and the fatigue which comes from the mental and emotional adjustment that women undergo in the early months of motherhood. I was gagging to get back out there running again, but scared that my body was unable to do it again. My body felt alien to me. In many ways I was unfit and out of shape, but equally I had a new found strength and belief in what my body could do.


We run the night

March 2013 – I went out for my first run. A parkrun. I didn’t quite manage the two laps…neither my legs nor my respiratory system could finish it, but this did not bother me like I thought it would. I had started back and that was the main thing.

May 2013 – I finished my first 10k (postpartum) in 1 hour 18, an evening race with my size 20 body just about fitting into nikes race top


Running in the Olympic Park

July 2013 – I took part in another 10k, but this time in scorching 30 degree summer sunshine. I had lost a bit of weight by now so although the time was very similar, it felt a little easier, even with the heat. I also did a 5miler in the Olympic Park with my sister (a non runner)



Just do it

Run to the Beat


Sept 2013 – I completed a half marathon, not in a great time…but I finished it including the 1 mile hill at mile 12 (how could you runtothebeat?), two weeks later I completed another half, again in a rubbish 3+ hours but I covered the distance without incident.

Oct 2013 – I travelled to Portugal and took part in a half marathon there with one of my fattymustrun marathon ladies confident that the previous two halfs and having a running companion would help me finish in a good time, the heat and the route got the better of me and I was just thankful of finishing in one piece.


Rose at 9 months

Nov 2013 – I slipped on one of my daughters toys and pulled something in my knee. It hurt to walk, to sit down and to stand up. So running took a bit of a back seat.


Xmas day run dressed as a xmas pudding – apt or what?

Dec 2013 – I have now lost close to 5 stone of my baby weight, and have dropped two dress sizes. I ran on xmas day (dressed as a xmas pudding) and again just before new year. Oh and…my knee has healed simply whilst waiting for an appointment with the physio.

For 2014 I plan to focus on my 10K speed…I would love to go sub 1hour. I also have plans to run a spring marathon, although I haven’t signed up to one just yet…I also have a niggling desire to try an ultra of some kind or maybe one of those muddy obstacle thingys.

Oh and I also still have another 2-3 stone of weight to shift

…and did I mention I am giving up booze??

My body has been on one hell of a journey…so I just want to say body…

You are awesome

What you are able to do never fails to surprise me

I am humbled by your ability to bounce back

You are an incredibly loyal vehicle that enables me to achieve my goals in a way that nobody else does

Even when I hate you, you love me and show me what is possible if I only I would believe in you

So…Thank You, and I am sorry…

And I promise in 2014 I will be nicer to you and think about your needs a bit more


Me and the best thing my body ever did for me

5 Responses to “Thank You”
  1. Gemma says:

    What a journey, thanks for sharing. Go smash those goals in 2014! And let me know which muddy obstacle race you sign up for.

  2. Inspiration story. Wishing you health and more happiness for 2014

  3. What an eventful year! Enjoy 2014 🙂

  4. What an excellent post! And a Happy 1st Birthday to Rose!

  5. mariekeates says:

    Great post. Have a great 2014 🙂

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