I run for new kit

Did you know that I was in the magazine Womens Running this month? I took part in the “big debate” which this month was about running for weightloss. If you get a chance pick up a copy as its a really good feature that speaks to 3 ladies who have lost weight through running. The magazine has lots of other great info and advice for new runners and those looking to set new goals for 2014. There is also a fab little booklet with races listed.

Anyway, as a thank you for taking part in “the big debate” I received a Brooks Nightlife LSD Lite Jacket.


My uninspiring route

So today I ran to go get it. DHL had tried to deliver it over xmas with no luck so I had to go and pick it up from their Canning Town Depot, perfect excuse for a run I figured. It wasn’t the most inspiring of routes, very industrial and the weather was a bit glum too, but in 25 minutes I was there…a bit red faced, but there. I was quite some sight, a FAT lady running into a male orientated industrial park, I got some strange looks and a complement off a dude on a pushbike, so shouldn’t grumble.

After signing for my package I made my way to star lane DLR to get home. The train was due in 10 minutes, just enough time to take my new jacket out of the box, and then from its polythene bag to see what it was like. It was pretty breezy up on that platform so I tried it on, and it fitted very nicely. A few months ago I would have struggled to get this around my belly, but the XL fitted well…it will fit better after my janathon efforts I am sure, but I was pleased.

Looking up at the time display there was still 5 minutes left until the train arrived, what was I doing?? Without the box to hold, and with my new neon jacket I was set to go again. So I popped up the stairs and ran back. It probably took me about the same amount of time anyway, and enabled me to really try out my new bit of kit.

A few minutes away from home the wind picked up and the rain started to come down, by the time I took my trainers off in the comfort of the front room it was tipping it down with gale force winds. I am so glad I got out earlyish for my run. In the end I ran 5.24 in 38 minutes or so.

The jacket is great I can recommend it fully. It protects you from the wind and rain as it promises. Is built for high visibility (no shit sherlock). Is packable into its own pocket meaning you could clip it to you on a long run just in case, and could equally be used out hiking or cycling. Finally its semi fitted so feels quite feminine, although I do wonder if they go any bigger than an XL for females (I doubt it)

So thats me done. 2 runs in 3 days. Not bad hey?


What the hell do I look like? As you can see a little snug around my tummy, but otherwise a good fit.

13 Responses to “I run for new kit”
  1. Craigie-Lee Paterson says:

    Hi Which edition of the mag are you in? Is it still on sale? I used to subscribe but don’t at the moment. Was Rosemary Ebge in the same debate?

  2. Robinson says:

    Do you know if the debate is available online anywhere? I’d love to read it!

    Awesome jacket too!

  3. Anne-Marie Brock says:

    I saw you! Came as a total surprise as you were one of the first bloggers I started reading. There I was, snuggled up reading Womens Running and there you were staring back at me from my magazine. What a surprise to see you. Great article and I love your blog.

  4. The jacket looks good on you!

  5. Nice, I hadn’t thought about the ability to clip the jacket in it’s pouch “just in case.” What a great idea!

  6. mariekeates says:

    Nice jacket. With the weather we’ve been having you’re going to need it. Southampton is more or less under water and the rain is still falling.

  7. stephski86 says:

    Oooo how funny! I just found your blog and started reading your posts, and I read that WR article only yesterday!

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