A ten minute blast on the treadmill

I’ve had a busy old day today.

Up early for Weightwatchers, I’ve put on 2.5lbs but hey that’s over 3 weeks, so kinda not that fussed as I know I will shift that in a week.

Then had a meeting in Wanstead to discuss plans for a 5k family run in the summer.

So seeing as I was there, Wanstead that is, where my old gym is and where my running club are based…I thought it would be rude not to.

In fact it was a predetermined, premeditated gym visit.

I snuck my gym kit into my bag and told my other half I had two meetings back to back…only a little white lie.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a gym and this one shares a building with a secondary school, Wanstead High, whose year 7s were stuck into period 4 PE. Half the group were doing running on the streets around the school (and not looking like they were enjoying it much) the other half doing interval training on the cardio machines.

It kinda threw me a bit, there being so many teenagers in the gym. In particular they were hogging all the running machines.

Anyway, I only ended up running for ten minutes in the end. I did twenty minutes crosstraining, 20 on the bike, a few reps on some of the weights machine and then FINALLY a treadmill became available.

I’d lost the desire to run by this point, it was almost 4pm and my legs were shot from last nights kettlebells.

Well, a run is a run I suppose, even if it was only a kilometre in the end.

So that was day 8. Is anyone else getting sick of the sound of their own janathon voice?

2 Responses to “A ten minute blast on the treadmill”
  1. I’m worried my blogs are becoming stale and boring. I don’t want to let my posts become this is what I did for janathon. The end type posts!

  2. mariekeates says:

    It’s good to see the schools getting the kids I to the gym and out running. All we had was rounders and netball. I hated both. Put me off exercise for years.

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