I am woman

To say I am busy at the moment is somewhat of an understatement.

My daughter turned 1 this week, and despite the fact I have had all this time to get used to being a stay at home mum I seem to be busier than ever, and squeezing more and more in.

Last night I went to an old work colleagues leaving doo. But before I left I managed to get Rose down for an afternoon nap so I could bake some cupcakes for her party (which was today ) I also had to do food shopping, meet with my job centre advisor and make a film of my daughters first year (I said I would to my other half and kinda had to see it through)

But back to my night out…my dry January didn’t last long and I had two glasses of red wine and a bottle of bulmers…I also hit the buffet which wasn’t too wise, but other than that I had a goodnight.

I was home by 9 and spent the next few hours editing Roses film. I went to bed at 1am a little tipsy, emotional from watching clips of a very tiny Rose and generally just exhausted.

Then the alarm went off at 7.30…I let is snooze once and then jumped (ok rolled) out of bed to do the ‘parkrun creep’ you know that one where you mustn’t wake anyone else up.

I got my gear on and then set about making 30 jellies for the party. Jellies safely in the fridge I sneaked out the front door. I jumped in my car and picked up my sister who was joining me and made it to parkrun for 8.40am.

It was my sisters first time doing parkrun, and possibly her first ever 5k and she did remarkably well.


She is slimmer and younger than me so in theory should be a whole heap faster and when we first set off I wondered if I would be able to sustain that pace, but stuck with it. Just before the half way mark she started to flag and I overtook. As we looped past the ‘turn here sign’ I realised I was a few seconds on front so I stuck behind. 3 ladies with a slightly faster pace than me and kept plodding along…and then…the most apt song come on.

‘I am woman’


The lyrics to that song really struck a cord and resonated in a very peculiar way which made me…well…indestructible. So I upped my pace even more.

In the end I crossed the finish line in 32 minutes 9 seconds…THAT IS LIKE 9 SECONDS OFF MY ALL TIME PARKRUN PB!!!!!!!! Can you believe that?

My sister who came in 30 seconds or so later said she couldn't believe I had done parkrun on the day of my daughters party, but I explained to her you just have to make time. No excuses.

I was home by 10.15 and spent the next 3 hours 45 icing cupcakes, decorating a room, preparing food, and getting myself and Rose ready for our guests and then the subsequent 3 hours 45…actually just don't ask about those crazy hours, lets just say they included pass the parcel, jelly and ice cream and a room full of excited toddlers. We both had a whale of a time, but I'm glad it's all over now.

I am finally now in bed and EVERYTHING hurts.

Not sure about my planned 16km run tomorrow…night night peeps!!!

2 Responses to “I am woman”
  1. bigfootmarty says:

    Good work and good job.
    Love winter and wet running.
    I remember that song though never listened during any workout.

    Keep it up…

  2. mariekeates says:

    Age and experience triumphs over youth and exuberance! Well done on getting out there.

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