Running: The HAPPY drug

I put on 1.5lbs at weightwatchers today, the very same 1.5lb that I have been dancing a merry dance with since October of last year….but do I care???

NOPE not really.

Because this evening I got to my running club on club run night for the first time in ages, probably the first time in 6 months or so. I ran 9.3kms in 1 hour 4 and I didn’t die. I didn’t take the easier option and choose an easier route when it was offered, I didn’t think about taking a short cut half way round…in fact for the first kilometre I maintained a 6minute kilometre and was sub 7minutes for each subsequent one. I felt strong!!

I didn’t run with music tonight either, instead I chatted with some familiar faces in the first few kilometres, even if that did mean running slightly faster than I was comfortable with and then I ran with my trusted companion at the back of the pack. Don. Who actually in the first kilometre worried he had left me behind at the leisure centre because I had gone off so quick.

With all these speed related improvements I’ve been seeing recently and the fact I am running four times a week because of Jantastic I am now quietly confident that I might go under an hour in my next 10K race which is on the 15th March.

I am committed to improving my speed this year…even if I can’t seem to shift the weight.  My plan is to continue going to track (hill sprints next week I’m told) and also continue trying to beat my parkrun times each week, If I can get to club night each week for my 8-12k runs too and fit in the occasional long run on a Sunday…this is starting to resemble a marathon plan.

There are only 73 days until the Brighton Marathon….Scary hey??

As I got into my car to drive home all red faced and sweaty I thought to myself “Running really makes me happy” I know that sounds corny but its true. The more I run the happier I am. As I mark off the miles on my calendar, as I log my runs on Jantastic…with each run I complete…I just feel happy.

So why does running make me so Happy??

  • Running like many other forms of exercise releases endorphins from the brain. Endorphins are like a legal and free “happy pill” which can leave you feeling elated for hours after your run and generally make you a much happier nicer person to be around.
  • Running with a running club is really sociable…even if you are stuck at the back. The banter in the changing rooms, the reading out of race times, the discussions about injures and the weather…it helps you feel part of a proper community.
  • Running is helping me live a healthier life. This makes me happy knowing that I am achieving one of my life goals.

And then as I turned the key in the ignition the radio came on in my car, this is what played…

This is my current theme tune!!!

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