Panache Sport Sportsbra Review

It is the last Sunday of the month today, which means only one thing at the Fat Girls Guide to Running HQ – #onebigfatrun the FREE virtual 5K for plus sized runners that I coordinate.

You see I have a dreamt get 1 million FAT runners taking part in this event to show that overweight women (and men too) do run, can run, should run, and should be able to run just like everyone else. Perhaps then some of the mindless discrimination we face may be addressed and the inequalities that are so apparent in major sports brands sizing policies too might be challenged.

In the UK the average dress size is a 16 yet most technical sportswear only goes up to a size 18 at best, yet it goes as small as a size 6. One of the best things about running is buying new kit, so when you are a larger lady it feels a little upsetting that your retail therapy needs are limited because of your size.

At a push you can squeeze into some items, and there are a few plus size activewear companies popping up, But its not quite the same as seeing the latest sportswear campaign, or a woman in the park in a groovy pair of leggings and being able to get them easily in your size.

The one exception to this crazy sizing problem though is Sports Bras…which is such a relief, because as us bigger breasted women know, having the right support is essential to being able to enjoy running, well any sport really. I believe that a good sports bra will empower you to run further, to hold your head up tall and basically just get on with your run, a bad sports bra (or no sports bra at all) on the other hand will make you feel crap about yourself, will make you feel insecure, like everyones looking at you, like you shouldn’t be running at all.

$T2eC16J,!z!FJ1Cyd2H8BSejnFzGvw~~60_35This evening I had the pleasure of test driving (yep thats what I said…test driving) the Panache Sport the winner of sports bra brand of the year at the UK Lingerie Awards 2012 & 2013. As well as being incredibly stylish and attractive the company claim that this sports bra reduces bounce by up to 83% – pretty impressive hey? They kindly sent me matching pants too so I was very excited about my evening run.

The bra fitted really well with wide padded straps that gave just enough support without looking industrial. The pants I was less mean on but I think this is because I’m not a big pants kind of girl, but I was curious to see if they created any chaffing problems…I have been known to go commando for this very reason (sorry, I know thats TMI)

$(KGrHqMOKowE54(GBSmGBOoF4nuPS!~~60_35One of things I liked in particular was that there is a little catch thingy on the bra straps that allow you to turn it into a racer back if you so which, which is great if you don’t want to show your straps under a racerback run top.

So I headed out for my 5k, my thighs were still really sore from Thursdays circuits and Friday nights dancing around my handbag in heels so I figured this would be a slowish recovery run, even though my marathon plan states quite clearly that I should have been attempting 14-16kms. Ho Hum!!

At about 3 point something kilometre I remembered I was supposed to be assessing my sports bra, a good sign I reckon because until then I hadn’t really given it much thought. It was great. Very little bounce, no chaffing, rubbing, pressure on my shoulders, so I carried on with my run. My legs were starting to loosen up now so I extended my run by doing a left just near my road and doing a loop around the perimeter of Westfield. At one point I thought about my pants and wondered if anyone could see I was wearing such big ones.

My planned 5K in fact turned into a 9.6km run because I simply felt great and figured I would run a little further and truly try out the bra and pants, as often its once you start doing the long distances that the problems occur. I have come back from big races in the past with some seriously painful welts, and when I took the bra off after an hour and 16 minutes of running to have a well deserved bath I noticed there wasn’t a single red mark…the pants had done their job too, even if they are not the sexiest of knickers…perhaps when I’m down to a smaller size I may start to embrace the big pants approach to life, but not yet!!

While on the subject of size, I would say that sizing is my only slight disappointment with this product. Although the sports bra goes from a B-H cup they only go up to a 40 inch chest (which is what I currently am), however the pants are available up to a size 20. This is not the worst sizing I have seen but I do think there is still some room for improvement, especially on the sports bra side of things seeing as a sports bra is such an essential piece of kit.

On the little booklety thing that came with the bra it said this

In sport, breasts are not assets. But I’m not running away from mine. They’ve been along for every heart-pounding, gut-wrenching mile. And while they may not be as aerodynamic as some, they’ll never slow me down.

A sentiment that I support 100%

For anyone out there who would love to get involved in the next #onebigfatrun then check out our facebook community for more details. The lovely people at Panache have promised us a sexy underwear set to give away as a prize next month, very apt considering that February is the month of love what with valentines and everything. So sign up and get involved in the #fattymusrun #onebigfatrun revolution.

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  1. mariekeates says:

    Even walkers need sports bras and us better endowed ladies more than anyone. I’ve always said I don’t run because I’d need two hands to hold onto my boobs if I did, then what would I do with my water bottle? Today I’ve been experimenting with making energy bars for Commando for his marathon in April, mostly with chia seeds and dates. Have you tried chia seeds and, if so, what did you think?

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