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I started this blog in September 2010 after deciding I was going to run a Marathon in 2012, my first ever post was called When will I learn and it was about coming dead last in a 10K race. This was my first ever attempt at blogging and I had no idea really what I was doing. It didn’t matter though because I only ever imagined that my friends and family would read the blog and for a while that was the case and I was lucky if I even got 30 views over a whole month, but I didn’t care about any of that as the purpose of the blog was simply to motivate me to stick to my training in a way I had never quite managed before.

However, as I continued blogging about my fitness journey my readership gradually built and before I knew it I had a following. I don’t know how it happened or why, I can’t even remember when, but at some point my friends and family pretty much stopped being my only readers and I gathered a whole new community of people checking in to see how I was getting on.

The rest as they say is history, and now The Fat Girls Guide to Running has kind of become something – A community, a concept, maybe even a movement. It means something, and not just to me. Last year I had readers from 127 countries around the world, and enough readers to fill a concert in Madison Square Gardens three times over. About 1500 of my readers were motivated enough by my message to take part in #onebigfatrun the FREE virtual 5k I organise each month, and 25 amazing ladies came on a journey with me to train for their first ever Marathon, Holley being the first to complete her full marathon last month, and Diane at the weekend just past, ran her first ever half.

This year the blog has been shortlisted for a UKBlogAward2014 lining up against 9 other Health & Fitness blogs from around the UK. So, all in all it has been a pretty phenomenal few months.

Today shortly after 9pm I reached 100,000 hits on the site…a massive milestone considering in its first three years it didn’t even reach 10,000 hits in total. It blows my mind to think that there are people all over this planet listening to what I have to say, and more importantly getting involved in the debate on plus sized women and exercise. Therefore it only seems right to celebrate in some way, or at least mark the occasion some how.

So in true internet fashion I am launching my first ever giveaway in collaboration with the company Fitbug

FitBug Air

FitBug Air

Fitbug is a leading provider of online health and wellbeing services helping individuals to improve their health by making small realistic changes to their daily routines. I first worked with this company last year, when they asked me to review their Fitbug Air product as part of a campaign for mums. It was perfect timing as my daughter Rose was only a few months old and I needed something to encourage me to be more active. You can see my review here

Once I got back into my running properly though I kind of stopped using the Air as my Garmin gradually took over but I still really believed in the product and in particular the online information and support that comes with it. Activity trackers are a huge step in the right direction as far as I am concerned for overweight and inactive women and there are numerous brands out there in the market place, so it is something I have of course kept my eye on. So when Fitbug got back in touch asking me to review their latest product the Orb, I figured why not.

Paul Landau, founder and CEO of Fitbug says

Wearable tracking technology is one of the biggest health trends of the year. However high process and lack of personal motivation to maintain fitness regimes means the full potential is yet to be realised. As one of the first companies in this category, we have designed the Fitbug Orb and KiK platform to provide both the device and the advice people need to get fitter, lighter and lead happier, healthier lives.

Fitbug Orb in its belt hook

Fitbug Orb in its belt hook

Priced at just £49.99 it is less than half the price of many of the other devices on the market but boasts a wide range of features, wearability and value…although I dispute their comment that great things come in small packages 🙂

So what does it actually do?

  • It tracks your steps, aerobic steps, distance, speed & calories burned
  • It measures your sleep, which is a real eye opener for me as a mum
  • There is a great FREE phone app which means tracking on the move is possible (with a dongle option for anyone who doesn’t have a smart phone)
  • A personalised digital coach called KiK which calculates personal goals and gently nudges users via email and smart phone alerts
  • Multiple wear options such as a wrist band, belt hook and underwear clip
  • Three eye catching colours…mine is shocking pink
  • No need to recharge with a replaceable battery which lasts up to six months
  • Connectivity to other leading fitness/food tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal

Now remember I am only testing this product and am not being paid by Fitbug, but after using the gadget for just short of a week I have lost 4.5lbs…I did run a 10mile race at the weekend though and have been tracking my food through MyFitnessPal, but that is the point, it is all of these things in combination which I believe will help me lose the weight I am desperate to lose without jeopardising my fitness ad running goals.

So the big question is how can you get your hands on one of these little beauties for free??

Well over the next 7 days I will be running a competition on Twitter and FitBug are donating an Orb to the winner who will be chosen at random. You just need to pop along to twitter and follow @fattymustrun and RT my competition tweet to your followers

I will give a further review of the FitBug Orb in a months time once I have given this bit of technology enough time to show its try colours!!

Good Luck, and Thank You to everyone who has helped me reach this milestone!!

2 Responses to “Fitbug Orb Giveaway”
  1. Orla Magill says:

    Congratulations on being such an inspiration to so many women!! And well done ont eh weight loss 4.5lbs in one week is bloody brilliant, even if i dont win the orb i may have to pruchase one to complement my use of myfitnesspall which at the moment is rather sporadic 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

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