Why EVEN you should get proper trainers fitted (Part 2)

So if you remember a few posts back I told you all about the process of going for GAIT analysis and Sweatshop sorting me out with a pair of shiny new running shoes in exchange for a review of the process. Well I decided to break the blog post up into two parts because the process of getting them fitted is just as important as the end result, especially for a plus sized runner.

This post therefore is purely about how I got on with my new shoes, but this is of course because of all of the analysis that was made in regards to my feet and my running style in the first place. You can read the first part of the blog post here

The trainers that were selected for me after trying 4 different pairs on was…..*drum roll please*

 20140511-211943.jpgThe Asics Gel Cumulus 15 Womens Running Shoes T3C5N 0121 The cushioned trainer has a super plush platform feel provides better comfort than ever.

A new edition with Visible Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL, it apparently absorbs shock when your foot lands to provide a fantastic cushioned ride and I guess there is an awful amount of shock going on with me. The manufacturers also tell me that the ladies show has Gender Specific Cushioning, making the midsole’s top layer softer to accommodate for women’s lower body weight (hello???) and create a more cushioned ride designed exclusively for women – not sure that I am at all sure about that aspect.

But regardless from all of the shoes I saw and tried on these were the pair I liked the look of most, but I had to give myself a wee talking to just to be sure that I wasn’t overriding the comfort and fit side of things, but in all honesty there wasn’t much in it between these ones and a pair of Sauconys but I guess I fancied a change after having the same model for the past 4 years or so (I did but two pairs) You can see the sorry shoes in question here.

After tieing them up and assessing them for toe space I ran in them in the shop (on a treadmill) and I was also encouraged by Chantel who was fitting me to take them for a spin around the block, but with the sweatshop 30 day guarantee there really was no need as I figured I would take them out on a long run to really test them out. I don’t think you can really tell if trainers are ok for you until you have run at least 10k in them, and many shoes become problematic after 10 miles so you only really find out during your half marathon or marathon that they are gonna give you gip. So testing them at longer distances is really important.

20140511-130843.jpgSo I have had them well over a week now fresh in their box awaiting an opportunity to christen them. I wanted to wear them on a run last week but it was tipping down and I didn’t want to ruin them (just look how white they are) and then I wanted to wear them at yesterday’s parkrun but again I couldn’t face getting them muddy, so today with a gap in the poor weather I headed out.

I knew I wanted to run at least 10k so I headed towards the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which is an absolute dream to run through and where my #fatgirlrunclinic run retreat ladies will run through next month, but I digress this is supposed to be a review of the shoes not where I took them.

20140511-130900.jpgBut can I just quickly mention that running around the new park was fantastic and very quiet this morning with the threat of more rain. I loved all the riverside routes, the new bridges and navigating around taking in all of the iconic venues it houses. Here is a picture I love of my reflection on a bridge I passed. I love the fact I could almost pass as a Real Runner – See yesterdays post if you haven’t already!!!

But back to the review.

The thing is I don’t really have much to say about the shoe other than they do exactly what I want them to do. They fit, they make me feel confident about my running and they don’t cause any pain. You see when running kit is bad the reviews are easy to write because you just list exactly what is wrong with the product and how you think they could be improved. But when you find a perfect bit of kit that is stylish as well as functional, where do you start?

I just kept looking at them all bright and gleaming thinking about how they felt on my feet.

They felt great.

They looked great.

Therefore I felt great, and I would even go as far as to say that I felt just a little bit greater about how I looked in them, and that is an important factor for a runner like me.

I often get kit envy, but not today, today I bounded through the Olympic Park then on towards Victoria Park via Hackney Wick where they were deconstructing We Own the Night, which I did last year and am gutted I missed this time round. The circular route took me an hour and 27 minutes in total covering a distance of 11 kilometers – the longest I have run since Brighton Marathon.

I arrived home with no foot or toe pain, no tender bits, no ankle soreness, or tightness in my hip…in fact nothing hurt, nothing at all – which is very unusual.

It’s official.






So much so that I videoed them in action, sad or what? (please ignore the dodgy camera skills and heavy breathing)

Would I recommend them? Yes I would. But only if that is the pair that works for you (as suggested by your GAIT analysis expert and your own comfort sensors too) and of course if you can afford the £110 they would set you back. On that point, you need to do the maths and work out how many miles you are going to run in them, how much injury you are going to prevent and most importantly how stylish you are going to feel for having cool new running shoes. Then the price doesn’t seem too bad. Think cost per run!!

Once again, thank you to Sweatshop for my shiny new shoes and for being so transparent and helpful about the fitting process and the training and ongoing support your staff get.

This is the route I took, just in case you were wondering…or maybe you just wanted proof that I really did testdrive them!!

my route



One Response to “Why EVEN you should get proper trainers fitted (Part 2)”
  1. Carly Callaghan says:

    These are the trainers I chose before London Marathon after I had my a gait analysis at sweatshop. They are soooo comfortable and through my training and the marathon I managed 0 blisters and 0 running related injuries.My boyfriend wears the same ones aswell as he is only a size 5 foot, and he loves them to. Great shoes. I swear by asics everytime.

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