Goal Posts and Madras

Wow, wow, wow.

What a way to kick start Juneathon.

Today I headed over to South London to meet up with my fellow team mates from our Tough Mudder collective AKS Beast Mode On. The fact that most of these guys work in a gym or in leisure jobs of some sort does not bode well.

The idea was to meet each other as some of us only know the rest of the group loosely, or not at all. Do a bit of training together and then grab a bite to eat.

My mate Natalie must have missed the note about training as she turned up at mine without her workout gear, but I dropped her home to get it (you ain’t getting off so lightly on my watch)

Having never trained with these guys before I was quite fearful about being completely out of my depth, running with a new group is particularly scary, but they were kind to me and Natalie, Natalie who had been out at a wedding last night!!

We started off with a 5k warm up run which I suspect was a little short of 5k, unless I have knocked another 10 minutes of my PB, and then we took over a football pitch area alongside the gym that some of these guys hang out at for a circuits session.

I saw kettlebells, a weighted sack, skipping ropes, a step and some hurdles, what seemed to go unnoticed however was the goal posts which proved to be the most challenging of the obstacles.

In preparation for tough mudder I know I have to develop my upper body strength but it is not looking good when I can’t even hang off the post for more than 10 seconds at a time.

It was a tough but enjoyable session and good to get to know the team. The training session was topped off with a superb curry and half a larger and discussions about how we plan to train over the next few months.

I figure for me to conquer the monkey bar elements of the course in August I have to do the following

1. Lose about 3 stone in weight
2. Build strength in my upper body
3. Practice my technique (some how)

Suggestions on a postcard please.

Anyway a great start to this years Juneathon, I figure the theme for this years challenge for me anyway is “Feel the fear and do it anyway”

Tune in tomorrow for another episode, minus the lamb madras!!!20140601-230207-82927875.jpg

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