And I’m already knackered

So tired today.

Couldn’t bring myself to do anything structured so instead just did a bit of upper body stuff with my 8kg Kettlebell.

The strength in my arms is almost laughable so am considering buying a pull up bar thingy to add to my indoor gym. If I have any hope of doing monkey bars I guess I need to start soon.

It’s my birthday tomorrow and we are off to the farm for the day with Rose. Not sure much exercise will be happening, perhaps a quick evening run, maybe!!

11 Responses to “And I’m already knackered”
  1. Evelyn says:

    I bought a pull-up bar just yesterday! I haven’t put it together yet though! That is this evening’s job. My reason for purchase is also to be able to survive the monkey bars… I’m doing the Badass Dash in Ottawa in July. Kettlebell workout is still a workout so good job! Have you not started Insanity yet – I started on June 1st, its hard work too!

    • fattymustrun says:

      Still waiting on my sister in law to lend it to me. *cough cough sis*

      • I’m fascinated by the marketing if insanity. It seems to me that, yes, if you could do it all as directed it would have massive effects but you need to be of a pretty high fitness level before you even begin and such a small percentage of people can see it through as intended (and therefore cannot say that it doesn’t give results, because they didn’t do the whole thing).

        • fattymustrun says:

          Yes, I know I am not fit enough to do it. Not the best way to go into something new

          • A chap was doing it for Janathon last year and I followed with interest. I think he nearly made it to day 10, then was just exhausted and/or injured. Be safe.

          • Evelyn says:

            It is hardwork and when I did it the first time round I thought to myself I am not ready. But you just go at your own pace. Do the fit test at the beginning and compare the results as you go through. It suggests using a heart rate monitor so you are within your personal target heart rates. I couldn’t really keep up with them but it definately helped with my endurance and upper body strength. I couldn’t do push ups before. I can do them now. It’s helped with my running too!

  2. Great job on the kettlebell workout! It’s great you squeezed something active in – it’s better than taking the all or nothing approach! I love my KBs! Have a very happy and wonderful birthday! 🙂

    • fattymustrun says:

      Thank you!! Yeah kettlebells are great, they sit and stare at me all day when I do nothing

      • Lol! Mine too! This week I’ve been giving my trx straps some love but will have to hit the KBS next week. I do a really quick workout with kettlebell swings, goblet squats, and Russian twists. It doesn’t seem like much but boy am I sore the next day!!

  3. Lakes Mum says:

    I had thought about insanity aftern doing 30 day shred! The shred strengthened my arms nicely in time for go ape..

  4. Well done on the kettle bells! I think I need to invest in some…
    Have you thought about indoor bouldering/climbing to help with your strength? I started a few years ago and it helps strengthen everywhere, sorts out technique and body positioning for things which I’m sure would stand you in good stead for tough mudder, and is seriously fun!

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