Why I am quitting Juneathon

I hate quitting but I also understand when it’s simply time to throw in the towel.

I had every intention of seeing it through but the fact is I just have too many conflicting priorities right now.

After running the Southend Half Marathon yesterday, I was up at 8.30 this morning and I haven’t stopped rushing around all day. It’s now gone 3am and I am struggling to sleep with all kind of crazy thoughts running through my mind.

I love Juneathon but I think it has beaten me this year. I would rather bow out graciously now and focus on the things I really need to do this month which include

1. Finish my new eBook
2. Finalise the content for the new website
3. Deliver an awesome first #fatgirlrunclinic running retreat
4. Train and slim down for tough mudder
4. Get the new business up and running.

Now I am sure juneathon could help with a couple of those but the fact is I can’t afford to be squeezing in workouts for the point of it, or writing substandard blogposts.

I will still continue to promote the scheme amongst my followers but alas I will no longer be jogging, logging and blogging this June

7 Responses to “Why I am quitting Juneathon”
  1. I hear ya. And it doesn’t get any easier.
    Good luck with your endev endeave endevor….those things your are doing.

  2. Dash says:

    Totally know where you’re coming from … I haven’t had time to participate in Juneathon since my first one in 2012, and I’d rather not write 30 meh posts because I can’t devote the proper attention to the project.

    Which Tough Mudder are you doing? I’d like to do it one day but honestly I’m a bit of a chicken!

  3. mitchyinge says:

    good luck with everything

  4. osarah26 says:

    Good luck with all your other projects- I’m so far keeping up with a daily workout schedule but I am putting off the blogging.

  5. zoeforman says:

    Juggling life work & sport is hard but I think you’ve done the right thing for now 🙂

  6. Franessa says:

    It is all good. Carry on.

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