Burning the Candle

I have been incredibly busy of late not just in my running, but I guess in terms of my new business venture which is taking me back to my pre motherhood days of project management on 2012 where I could easily do a 16 hour day, and back to back weekends over the summer.

But this is a different kind of busy, this is the spinning too many plates, running half marathons on my day off and always playing catch up kind of busy, meaning I am constantly tired, no more than tired!!

Yesterday for example my alarm went off at 5.45am so that I could meet my first PT client of the day, luckily she is a neighbour so I didn’t have far to go. After an hour long session I walked to my brothers which is about twenty minutes away, where I had parked my car the previous night after failing to collect it as a result of finishing late at a meeting in Central london.

I returned home just in time for my second client of the day.

Then I had a bit of a rest to eat breakfast and gather my thoughts (ie write a todo list) before my daughter woke at 9am.

I met the fabulous @EbzOnline in Starbucks at 10am for a development meeting (I can’t tell you about what yet but it’s real exciting stuff)

Then I played mummy for a few hours, did a bit of cooking and cleaning up before a trip to the library.

Between 4pm and 5pm while Rose was asleep I managed an hour of admin work, placed the order for the new “Too Fat to Run?” Merchandise and reviewed the first draft of the new website (excited!!!)

6.17pm I was out the door again making my way to my third client of the day who due to injury (luckily for me but not so lucky for her) required just a walking partner, a bit of a pep talk and a shoulder to cry on.

Managed to sit down for dinner at 8pm and spend some time with Rose before she went to bed, then jumped in the bath in time for #AskFatty my weekly Twitter Chat.

So yes the secret is out, I tweet while in the bath…sometimes the only peace and quiet I get is bathtime so it makes sense right?

Half way through the chat which was nutrition themed this week, I decided to put my pjs on and retire to my bedroom, not to sleep but just to get comfortable and finish off the hours questions etc.

I don’t know how it happened but I woke up at 10.07 having missed about ten minutes of the debate. How irresponsible?

Luckily there were loads of people online keeping the debate going so I hope my impromptu snooze went unnoticed.

I switched the light out at 10.18 and slept right the way through to 6.30 this morning without moving a muscle.

Now that is tired.com

I guess I need to slow things down before I burn out, and I also need to start eating foods that are going to give me the energy I need to survive the busy phase I am in.

I am looking for some nutritionists to work with over the next few months, not only to kick my butt and help me make some important changes but also to support my followers on the new website. If you know of anyone that may be interested in guest blogging then do let me know.

In the meantime, I am going to have a quick snooze while Rose is sleeping. Does anyone else have burn out moments like this??

One Response to “Burning the Candle”
  1. mariekeates says:

    My while,life seems to be set to burn out mode at the moment so I feel your pain!

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