Juice…oh how I have missed you!!

Juice in our house growing up meant one thing…Orange or Lemon SQUASH!! I guess having 6 hungry mouths to feed on a low income meant that fresh juice was a bit of a luxury and something which we enjoyed only on rare occasions like Christmas, or in hotels on holiday. Wow I sound like I grew up in Dickens time or something, I didn’t but still Juice was a bit of a novelty.

So once I was earning my own money I would often buy cartons of juice just because I could, and guzzle it down all in one go, I guess this was in my early teens and around the start of the 5 a day campaign. As fat as I was concerned Juice equalled one of your 5 a day, so as a poor student juice seemed like a pretty good way of packing them all in…add a couple of vodkas and voila, two birds/one stone!!

It is no wonder that this juice guzzling time coincided with the start of my weight gain, but I can’t blame it all on the wet stuff…drunken kebab eating, late night biscuit munching and an aversion to any form of exercise added to it too, but juice certainly played its part.

A few years into my weightloss journey I finally realised how many calories were in a small glass of juice, and promptly cut it out of my diet all together, and even now when I am trying to live a more balance “Eat what I like but within reason” way of life…I still find myself avoiding the juice sitting in my fridge.

I guess I am still aware of its calorie and sugar content, and feel better avoiding it rather than drinking it for the sake of it…I try to stick to water, but often bow to temptation and drink diet fizzy drinks (I KNOW, I KNOW!!!!)

I went through a stage of making my own juices, carrot and ginger being my favourite thinking at least I know whats in it but it is all a bit of a faf, and I still ended up drinking gallons of the stuff one week and then none the next. It seems that juice is all the rage again so I was hardly surprised when I found myself on the guest list of a new drinks product launch this Tuesday.

20140619-160704-58024177.jpgThe Simply Great Drinks Company have a simple mission, “To Serve Simply Great Drinks In Taste, Quality & Health” a pretty big claim hey? But as I entered the plush ME hotel on the Strand in Central London and listened to the CEO explaining why healthy no junk juices only sweetened by nature are so important to him, I started to wonder whether I had been missing a trick by almost eliminating juice from my diet.

As I cradled a glass of ice-cold mango juice, eyed up the passing breakfast canopies and looked out across a sun drenched London I asked myself why it was that I was depriving myself of a morning juice which in fact is somewhat of an awesome little luxury in life, and in that very moment I realised I needed to get a grip.

20140619-160706-58026878.jpgMy initial “calorie counting demon” way of thinking of “what an absolute waste to consume 250 calories in the morning before even a mere morsel of food has passed my lips” has been going on for far too long, and seems a bit silly really especially when I see nothing (that) wrong with making my way through half a pack of fruit shortcakes come 3pm most days.

I just need to restore some kind of balance and perspective in my diet…its as simple as that.

But back to this product launch….The Simply Great Drinks company seem to be putting their money where their mouth is and providing a wrap around package of support to compliment their drinks range. So at the event on Tuesday morning you had none other than Olympian Victoria Pendleton, Dr Christian Jesson off the TV, Psychologist Jo Hemmings, Personal Trainer Charlene Hutsebaut and Nutritionist Charlotte Strirling-Reed all backing this brand, and not only backing it but actively supporting the Be Simply Great 8 Week Challenge.

I was a little sceptical at first…you know bring in the celebs to launch a new product and all of that, but when I came home and looked at the resources you can find online it just all made so much sense. Everyone involved in this new drinks range was singing from the same sheet, “It’s all about balance” I had a lovely talk with psychologist Jo Hemmings who was really interested in what we are doing over here at The Fat Girls Guide to Running in terms of challenging perceptions and dealing with the psychological barriers we impose upon ourselves.

20140619-160705-58025514.jpgI also managed a 20 minute chat with Dr Christian…I might have to save our debate for another blog post, but don’t worry I didnt show him my missing toenails or any of my other gross ailments (Its OK folks I don’t really have any embarrassing ailments, but I did think it would be quite funny to put him on the spot with a …erm Dr, could you just take a look at my…. but I restrained myself.)

I had a lovely morning at the launch, drinking more juice in 2 hours than I probably have in the last 2 months…but I have treated myself to a small glass of juice each morning since and felt very happy about it all.

Remember folks, we are not talking sugar laden crap…we are talking the good stuff, a bit like my argument with chocolate. If you are going to have it, enjoy it…just go for the good stuff and don’t go mad!!

Thanks for the invite Simply Great Drinks Company…and if you fancy giving me a years supply to keep me going with my new-found love affair with juice then you know where I am!!







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