About Me

please check out the new and improved site over at www.toofattorun.co.uk

My name is Julie and I am an overweight runner.

I am on a mission to get 1 million fat girls running alongside me, fat women with something to prove to them and them alone. Sod other sneering runners, running clubs that leave you behind and idiots who shout abuse – collectively we are on a mission to show that Fat girls run too!!

In May 2013 I launched the #fattymustrunmarathonchallenge for 16 international overweight runners, preparing them for a spring marathon, #fatgirlrunclinics a series of inspirational workshops for women thinking about running and #onbigfatrun the worlds first virtual 5k for overweight runners.

I have spent my whole adult life on some sort of diet or fitness regime, to varying degrees of success. I got into running 10 years ago after a bitter battle with my inner self and have never looked back. I have learned so much about the capabilities of my body and the strength and weaknesses of my mind. I have also met some amazing people along the way and had some phenomenal times trying to achieve my goals.

If you want to know how the blog came about (you know the straw that broke the camels back so to speak) then check out this post.

Why not get on board with this ambitious project? Sign up to receive blog posts directly, book me for a talking engagement or workshop or simply leave a comment and let me know if there is anything I can do to help or support you.

If you need to get in touch for information or opportunities of any kind then you can contact me at fattymustrun@hotmail.com or via twitter @fattymustrun and to join in the Fat Girl Running debate check out my Facebook page.

I am available for

I am willing to do product reviews too, as long as the product is relevant to my journey – as finding companies that cater for the larger lady is somewhat of a challenge…and I am a broke mum at the mo!!


At the start of my fitness journey

10 Responses to “About Me”
  1. karly says:

    Julie I didn’t realise u had ur own website, ur really talented and funny lol the wasp sting did make laugh

    Keep up the good work and well done x x x

  2. glad to have found your blog, you did make me chuckle, I’m trying to run too it’s flippin hard work!!! xxxx

  3. Love your blog! Makes me laugh 🙂

  4. Hey We met at the writers workshop and your business card disappeared this morning, give me a call on 07506950210 if you still want to do a talk or send an email to soulclearing@hotmail.co.uk xxxx

  5. My company offer the only Blister Prevention product designed for feet. I would love to mail you some product to test. The product is amazing and it is a game changer.



  6. fattymustrun says:

    Drop us a line Vito at fattymustrun@hotmail.com and I will send you my postal address

  7. Tori says:

    This blog is a joke.Fat women are lazy and discussting..They shoul be reading blogs on how to lose weight and not about being fat and ‘proud runner’ .. You cant be fat and fit, this is impossible. Go on a diet!

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