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As well as being a plus sized marathon runner and full time mum I am also an experienced speaker and workshop facilitator with over 15 years experience of managing sports and cultural programmes across London. For 8 years I worked as a consultant and project manager on London 2012 related initiatives speaking at conferences, large scale events and community engagement opportunities.


Speaking at a 2012 Conference

I am currently available for speaking engagements such as

  • Conferences
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • After Dinner Speeches
  • School & College Events
  • Community Engagement Events
  • Sports & Health Events


In fact not only am I available but I am actively seeking such opportunities to get out there and share my message.

I conscider myself an expert on inactivity and obesity in adult women and in particular the use of running as a motivational tool and driver for better health. I use my experiences of being overweight for most of my adult life and also the experiences of the hundreds of overweight women who I meet through this blog. I have been interviewed on local radio for the press; magazines and trade magazines and welcome requests to be interviewed as an expert or to be included on panels for discussions connected with my areas of interest.

Below is a sample list of the seminars/talks I can give

• Getting Past the first 30 Seconds- Breaking down the psychological barriers to running as a plus sized lady and looking at tips and tricks to run for longer without giving up.

• Too Fat to Run – Why there REALLY isn’t such a thing, yet Doctors and maybe even yourself will tell you so

• ​How the Olympics changed my life – East London went through an amazing transformation over a period of 10 years in preparation for the games in London 2012, about the same time it took Julie to fall in love with running.

• ​Kit that Fits – The problem with major sports brands and how they are contributing to obesity and inactivity in adult women.

• Loving your current body: Learning to embrace exercise for Heath, Happiness, and High Self-Esteem starting where you are now.

• Big Fat Stupid Goals: How to set goals that are going to surprise everyone and transform your life forever not just for one summer.

• Scream if you want to go FASTER: Simple techniques to change your mindset about speed (or lack of it) and well tested measures for bringing your 5k times down.


Leading by example

  • London 2012 as a motivator
  • Fitting in Fitness as a new mum
  • Marathon Training for larger women
  • Weighloss Strategies
  • Motivating inactive Women
  • My 3 running ebooks available on Amazon
  • I am flexible though, and can tailor a talk to suit the event…I will always hold my hands up and say when a subject is out of my area of expertise though!!

    I have a reputation for being an engaging, entertaining and energising speaker, who aims to motivate  audiences to think about things from a different perspective. I am also an experienced management consultant and creative facilitator and can help clients devise events and engagements that inspire and challenge but don’t just take my word for it.

    What other people say about me….*cringe*

    Sian James, Project Manager, Create KX Julie is a fantastic facilitator and speaker – very personable, dynamic and knowledgeable. We have developed a very good working relationship, which we hope will continue to thrive!”

    Melissa Abache, Senior Consultant, Beyond Green “I worked with Julie setting up the Legacy Youth Panel as part of the engagement process of the Olympic Legacy Masterplan Framework. Throughout public roadshows and other activities she excelled at communicating complex ideas to a variety of audiences and building trust in groups to engage with the planning process. I would work with her anytime as she’s an excellent trainer, facilitator and all round nice person to work with.”

    Richard Hunt, Principal Lecturer in Sports Development, University of East London  “I have worked with Julie over a number of years when she has taken on a range of roles, including working for the London Borough of Newham and Pro-Active East London. In each of these roles I have found Julie to have excellent project management skills, supported by a really positive approach to all the people she works with, which means that she gets the best out of all concerned.”

    Jess Khanom, Business and Development Manager, London Borough of Enfield  “Julie is a highly motivated and self reliant individual who brings a refreshing outlook into Local Authority work. Julie’s work has been pioneering and instrumental in the set up of Newham Volunteers and left her legacy by equipping these volunteers with the necessary skills and training to be at the forefront of potential volunteer candidates for London 2012. Julie’s vision and passion for culture and sport have had a clear impact on both colleagues and young people she has worked with and is in one word, inspirational. Top qualities: results driven, focussed, charismatic”


    Why not get in touch to check my availability and see if I can help you


    Leading an interactive workshop



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