British 10k 2014

“Tigers re supposed to run fast” she screamed leaning over the barrier. “Raarrrgggghhhh” I replied baring my teeth. How the hell are you supposed to explain to a 7 year old whilst running at 13 miles per hour that you’re a little bit tired and a little bit hot after running 9.5 kilometers in a … Continue reading

Top 10 tips for choosing your first race

Running races is an integral part of being a runner, that’s not to say you have to run them but they are a great motivator. If I hadn’t of entered that 3k fun run all those years ago I may never have discovered my love of running and I would never have continued to up … Continue reading

Do you follow a running plan?

“If you fail to plan then you plan to fail” is how the saying goes, and on the whole I am a great believer in that philosophy. But when it comes to running I have never really followed a plan…seriously. The reason being is my life is never stable enough to be able to commit … Continue reading

Running: I Don’t know much…but I know I love you!!

Its been a weird old day today. At 3.24 this morning I was still up on my computer working which is very unusual for me. I do normally wait for Rose to go to sleep before I blog but staying up THAT late is very unusual for me. So what was I doing you ask? … Continue reading

How long should it take to train for a 10K

I am curious to know what the general feeling is among my readers (runners or not) about raining for a 10K. Lets assume I have not done any running for well over a year, or even never before perhaps and I have signed up to a 10K race that is taking place in 10 weeks. … Continue reading

Lee Valley 10K

On the hottest Sunday in July (well for as long as I can remember) whilst most people were just waking up and thinking about where to go to max and relax in the sun, I was on my way to run in a 10k race. “What’s wrong with you?” is what my sister politely asked … Continue reading

The OUTRAGEOUS 10K that I almost forgot about

So I have been trying to pull together a chronological list of races I have participated in over the years and I have just realised the single most funniest 10K experience I have had has never been written about. My two besties will kill me for exposing them..but girls it has to be done, after … Continue reading

I Ran the Night

Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow…what a night. Yeeesshhh, I haven’t uttered those words for a number of years now, not since my young free and single days of going out Saturday and sneaking back home in the daylight on a Tuesday afternoon!! Last night I took part in a phenomenal event. My first 10K of … Continue reading

Fatty’s Top 10Ks

Originally posted on The Fat Girls Guide To Running:
It is quite apparent that in terms of setting myself a new goal for 2013, and increase in distance is out of the question, as I can barely finish a 5K at present and I just simply don’t have the time to commit to long weekend…

What a difference a year makes

This time last year I was just starting my tapering (ark at me!!) for my very first marathon, I was probably in the best shape I’d been in many years, I was running 10 – 20 miles per week and thoroughly enjoying my running. Now?? I am probably 3 stone heavier, am quite unfit, have … Continue reading

Don’t give me a get out clause

I remember the first time I ever pulled a fast one to get out of running. It was back in the 90s, my year 9 school sports day. I was running a 3000 meter race (I think), at Terrance Macmillan Stadium, I’d done no training (what’s new), it was hurting, I was struggling at the … Continue reading

The wasp that saved my day

I had a terrible feeling this morning when my alarm went off, I felt really nervous…well sick is a more acurate description. I made my way to Enfield anyway with plenty of time to spare. There was a 3K fun run taking place, and I watched as loads of kids come wizzing past the finish … Continue reading

It’s all in the preparation

So my 10k is tomorrow morning, and really I should be sitting here confident that I have done everything in my power to prepare both my body and mind for this race, instead I am sitting here watching family fortunes and thinking about how much I would like to have a drink tonight. I will … Continue reading

When will I learn?

So I am sitting on the sofa in a sweaty mess wondering if I have the strength to get in the bath. I have just returned from a rather eventful 10k race in Victoria Park. Now I must have done about twenty or so of these races over the past few years but today’s was particularly painful. You … Continue reading

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