Are you Pregnant…or just FAT?

Would you like my seat? How far along are you my dear? You are simply blooming!! When is it due? These are simply THE worst comments a FAT woman can hear when she’s not actually pregnant. And I can’t count the number of times it’s been said to me over the years, and every time … Continue reading

Mothers Day Giveaway

I need your help. I really need your help. And I need it this weekend. I need your help to get my eBook “99 ways to run with a baby” to No.1 in the Amazon eBook sales…and in time for Mothers Day. It can be done, I just need YOU my loyal readers to help … Continue reading

99 Ways to run with a baby

At a guess I would imagine the average first time marathoner is in their late twenties? maybe its even later in life that desire to run long takes a hold. My daughter however first made her way round the iconic London Marathon route at only 5 weeks, no not 5 weeks old…5 weeks in gestation. … Continue reading

A very personal post

Today I took my daughter to the local hospital to see an ear nose and throat specialist as she was born with congenital pre auricular fistula (ear pits), its nothing serious but they wanted to just check if they had closed by themselves. So I walked the 2 and a half miles there, and then … Continue reading

Thank You

Don’t worry this is not a soppy thank you post to all my followers, who without their support this blog would not be what it is…nope it is not that kinda post at all….although I should say a very quick thanks to you lot too – cheers!!! Nope…This post is a THANK YOU to my … Continue reading

Are you lucky enough to have a home gym??

I thought not. Me neither. Or have I?? Just one second. Silly me…of course I have. Look there’s the Running Machine behind the door that I bought 5 years ago and have used less than 20 times. Oh and the other halfs weights bench and weights bar, 2 kettlebells (8kg and 12kg), a skipping rope, … Continue reading

Mum on the Run

So I’m sitting here 20,000 feet up in the air somewhere over the skies of Spain and I’ve just remembered the thing I knew I would forget, well I didn’t know exactly what it would be that I would forget but I knew it would be something, it always is. Despite the fact I have … Continue reading

What I see when I look in the Mirror

We never had a full length mirror in our house growing up, it’s probably just as well when I think of the hideous 70s and 80s get up I wore and although mum had a working camera back then most of the films lay undeveloped in a drawer somewhere, so when my siblings used their … Continue reading

A Housewife’s Ton Up

I don’t live in a house, and I’m not married…but on an official form I suppose I would have to tick the box that says housewife, or homemaker…although my other half may beg to differ when it comes to the limited amount of housework I actually do. But that is not the point. The weather … Continue reading

You must lose your babyweight NOW….OK???

Yesterday I sat all teary eyed as Kate and Wills stepped out of those hospital doors with their adorable little prince. Now I’m not particularly a royalist. but as a new mum I am just completely smitten with my baby girl, and spent most of the last few days reminiscing about the arrival of my … Continue reading

When being overweight can work to your advantage

It was in about 2008 and I was at Notting Hill Carnival with my boyfriend, it had been a long day and the organisors had got things seriously wrong with the crowd control and people were getting the hump with being herded around the back streets. Every time me felt like we were getting somewhere … Continue reading

Should Mummy Run?

On Tuesday, the day before my 35th birthday I asked my daughter Rose, “When you gonna say mum?” and at 4 months and 3 weeks old my little girl replied “Mum, Mum, Mum” as if to say, right now will you just drop it and let me get on with playing and stuff. Of course … Continue reading

Why are we so obsessed with weight

Today I have been for two weigh ins, one for me and one for Rose. For me queuing up with my red weightwatchers book I was hoping for a weightloss, and after a week of counting points, eating lots of zero foods, running and generally sitting less and moving more i have managed to lose … Continue reading

An unexpected run

What with the bank holiday on Monday just gone, track night was cancelled and I haven’t quite managed to get out the door for a run this week. So today I decided I would walk to the doctors with Rose (for her immunisations) rather than drive. It was sunny when I left out for the … Continue reading

How to run with a baby

Despite the title of this blog I am not for a minute suggesting you strap your baby to your back (or front for that matter) and run, my little girl (Rose, Aged 3 Months) is such a little lump I struggle to carry her around the front room. But ive been thinking about how as … Continue reading

What a difference a year makes

This time last year I was just starting my tapering (ark at me!!) for my very first marathon, I was probably in the best shape I’d been in many years, I was running 10 – 20 miles per week and thoroughly enjoying my running. Now?? I am probably 3 stone heavier, am quite unfit, have … Continue reading

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