A Housewife’s Ton Up

I don’t live in a house, and I’m not married…but on an official form I suppose I would have to tick the box that says housewife, or homemaker…although my other half may beg to differ when it comes to the limited amount of housework I actually do. But that is not the point. The weather … Continue reading

Name Dropping

I have been getting some really positive feedback about my blog recently, and now that I actually have some time to focus on it I have decided to put in a bit more effort to try and increase my readership and I suppose to explore opportunities for developing my writing in general – seeing as … Continue reading

Roll on tomorrow

I know i have been a bit rubbish recently on my blog, with very few entries since xmas, but let me give you a recap on whats been going on. Done 2 10K runs both in crap times Started the gym – love doing body pump Cycling to work as often as possible But been … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Little Sis

Jennie was born on the 31st December 1980. Jennie is the sister I shared a room with growing up. My partner in crime during my clubbing years. The person I can most be silly with, in fact we call our self “the sisters of stupidness”. This year New Years Eve marked her 30th birthday, but … Continue reading

Bootcamp Blues

Oh how I miss those early morning wake up calls, Standing in two ranks in the cold and darkness awaiting instruction Running in unison down to the seafront not knowing what lay ahead Oh how I miss the zig zags, that seemed to never end And the stairs of doom that hurt regardless of how … Continue reading

I can’t stop crying

Ever heard the expression “it will either make you or break you?” Well I can’t quite make up my mind which way this bootcamp might go, as it’s been a day of real highs and lows. We started off with a blue team early morning run along the promenade we stopped a few times to … Continue reading

I’m a lover not a fighter

Crying on a beach in a pair of boxing gloves is not the best of looks. Let me explain. After putting yesterdays concerns about being in the blue group to one side I decided that I would push myself as hard as I can and prove that I had the potential to be in the … Continue reading

What I know about me

Bootcamps are a great way of finding out stuff about yourself that either you didn’t already know, or things you’d long forgotten about, stuff that you haven’t had to think about since PE at school. So we sat in the lounge of the hotel at 4pm, all looking around the room nervously, checking each other … Continue reading

The Storm Before the Calm

So we arrived in Bournmouth a day early for bootcamp so that we can go out for a drink before it all kicks off. It made perfect sense when we booked. But with the hangover from hell, and not enough sleep I now realise how wrong I was. We are about to go and get … Continue reading

Send me off to Bootcamp

About 3 years ago I was very unhappy with both my physical appearance and my general state of fitness, or lack of. I was 6 months out of a longterm relationship, just turned 30 and working in a job that didn’t quite agree with me. Something had to change. I found Fitfarms online whilst looking … Continue reading

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